Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 965

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 965-Children Squabbling The truly terrifying power was the one that didn’t bother to reveal itself.

The battle at Sky Devourer Peak, in the eyes of ordinary people, might have been earth- shattering. However, to those truly powerful hidden forces, it was merely a group of children squabbling.

That was why, when those people met Emrys, they were not only undeterred by his status but also displayed attitudes of contempt, taunting him with cold sarcasm.

They felt disdainful of Emrys‘ actions.

The concept of patriotism was, in their view, nothing more than unnecessary meddling. The true path to success, they believed, was to focus wholeheartedly on their own development and growth.

That was where Emrys‘ differences with them lay.

One couldn’t really say who was right or wrong. It was just that their paths were too different to converge.

Emrys said, “I will personally make another trip to Hidden Fighters Alliance to find out what exactly is going on.” Elduin asked, “Do you need me to bring some of my subordinates with us?” “No need. I have a feeling there’s something more going on with that samurai family. Your involvement wouldn’t make any difference.” Emrys didn’t elaborate on what was so complex.

However, one thing was certain: the power of the other party had evidently surpassed the realm of martial arts.

Perhaps it was akin to the existence of something like Mount Kushburn or the town families in Chanaea.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t have dared to be so bold.

Matteo would never have dared to risk offending Emrys by saying there was nothing he could do.

“Before heading to Jetroina, I must first pay a visit to the Dragon Soul Penitentiary,” said Emrys, his eyes flickering.

“Why do you want to go there?” Jerome asked curiously.

Emrus huffed. “The matters of Handsome don’t concer ern voul” For the first time, Jerome realized that Empyrean Lord was surprisingly narcissistic. Indeed, once the aura of mystery was lost, everything seemed to lose its grandeur.

Meanwhile, Elduin was already accustomed to that.

Those who didn’t know Emrys assumed him to be a Malevolent Deity, given his status as Sky Devourer Lord. However, the guardians of Sky Devourer Palace knew better. Once Emrys took off his dragon mask, he was nothing more than a goofball.

Of course, they dared not utter the word goofball, nor could they casually respond to Emrys‘ jokes. Only in private, they would occasionally mention that he was quite humorous.

Emrys didn’t stay in Jipsdale for too long. He soon arrived at the eastern waters of Chanaea.

His purpose for coming to that underwater penitentiary, of course, was for the blood dragon soul.

It was the same thing as when he went to the Wheeler residence to devour the Demon Wolf.

Emrys was greedy, and ever since he had experienced the wonders of spirit, his curiosity had only intensified!

If he could refine the blood dragon soul, his spiritual power would undoubtedly become stronger. Perhaps the next time he encountered the ghost clan, he could directly use his spirit power to shatter their soul energy.

When Emrys arrived at Dragon Soul Penitentiary, he dismissed all the prison guards.

His gaze rested on the massive dragon pillar from the past, his eyes burning with intensity. “Will you come out on your own, or do I need to do it myself?” he challenged.

It seemed as though he was talking to the air.

The dragon pillar showed no signs of response. However, at the very base of the pular, within a massive, blood–red circular formation, nine enormous blood dragons were coiled up, trembling uncontrollably.

“Malevolent Deity did return! I didn’t expect him to come back so swiftly!” “Oh, Novemrax. It’s all because of the disaster you’ve caused. Why would you mess with Malevolent Deity for no reason?” “What’s the point of saying all this now? You didn’t stop me from leaving in the first place, so you’d better start thinking of a way to fix this!” “How about playing dead?” upside down!” “So, what do you guys suggest we should do?” “Maybe we should just throw Novemrax out. After all, he’s the one who caused all this trouble. Sacrificing one for the happiness of the whole family sounds like a good deal to me.” *Please, don’t do this, brothers. Aren’t we supposed to be a loving family? How can you be so heartless… If you dare to throw me out, I’ll expose all of you. If I’m going down, we’re all going down together!”

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