Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 960

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 960-I Am Innocent Cordelia coralled her complex thoughts and sighed softly, only to notice Sylvia lost in her own world, deep in thought about something or other.

“Ms. Morris?” Cordelia called out in perplexity, jolting Sylvia back to reality.

Without thinking, Sylvia blurted, “Delia, could you ask Emrys when he might be free?” She was born just a bit earlier than Ninette, so addressing Cordelia as the latter did wasn’t much of an issue.

Her request, however, posed a significant issue.

Cordelia suddenly looked at her more suspiciously, asking, “Is it that important for Rys to attend your wedding?” Ask him when he might be free? Doesn’t it essentially mean that she is first inquiring when Emrys is available before deciding on a date for her wedding banquet? In other words, his attendance is a must.

She seemingly discerned something unusual and lamented inwardly.

Emrys, why are you engaging in romantic entanglements everywhere, you b*stard? You can’t even settle things with me, yet you dare to flirt and fool around out there. How I wish to castrate you to help solve your problems!

Cordelia clenched her fists tightly.

“No, Delia, you misunderstood. I just… just felt that Emrys is my doesn’t have the time… simply forget it!” As Sylvia spoke, the less confident she grew.

The more she tried to explain things, the more apparent that she was making excuses.

Seeing through her, Cordelia went silent momentarily before asking, “Are your feelings for him genuine?” “Huh?” Startled, Sylvia refuted anxiously, “What… what are you saying? How could I possibly have feelings for Emrys? I told you that he’s just a friend.” “I’m talking about Zephyr.” Sylvia fell silent.

The silence that followed lasted for several minutes.

Cordelia herself didn’t know how to offer comfort.

She was even jealous of Karina, so she couldn’t possibly share Emrys with anyone else further. In the end, she decided not to interfere and let him resolve his own romantic entanglement.

Overthinking things gave her a headache.

“Take a seat in the living room. I’ll go and place a call to ask if he can return within the next two weeks.” Cordelia got up, her face icy as she entered her room. After placing the call, she said, “Emrys, there’s something serious I need to discuss “What’s up, Delia? I’m currently busy.” “Busy? Haha, you must be busy sweet–talking women out there, huh?” “Delia, what are you talking about? And why are you being so sarcastic?” “You’re the one being sarcastic!” Cordelia paused for a moment before she continued in a frosty tone, “Your lover came looking for you, saying she’d be getting married within the next fortnight and wanted to know if you could attend her wedding banquet.” Emrys was immediately puzzled. “Lover? What lover? Delia, can you please speak in more detail?” “Haha, you don’t even know which lover. It seems that you have a lot of love affairs, huh? When it comes to me, it’s either an issue with my martial arts technique or the timing isn’t right. Yet, you seem to be having such a great time outside. What do you take me… I mean, Karina, for?” Cordelia continued sarcastically.

“I’m innocent!” This time, Emrys was genuinely baffled. Even through the phone, he could sense Cordelia’s overwhelming jealousy that seemed about to overflow.

However, he truly had no idea what was going on.

“Delia, please make things clear. Who exactly is getting married?” Emrys was taken aback in an instant. His first thought was of Ninette, assuming that Ameera was up to her old tricks again, scheming to force Ninette into marriage with someone.

But on second thought, that didn’t seem right.

If Ninette were being forced into marriage, she would certainly reach out to him through Telepathic Formation.

He didn’t receive her call.

Moreover, Cordelia would never refer to Ninette as “that girl from the Morris family.”

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