Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 958

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 958-Am Getting Married Undeniably, those of Heavenly Pilferer Sect were ruthless individuals.

Zephyr took his leave, not wanting to spend another moment with Emrys after experiencing such a humiliating incident.

The same went for Logan.

He felt that he was the one who was truly wronged.

He came to be the mediator, so it made no sense that he inexplicably ended up pledging loyalty to someone. Yet, there was nowhere for him to complain.

Not long after the two men had left, someone else from Cloudmist Academy arrived in Jazona.

It was none other than Sylvia.

She stealthily slipped away from Cloudmist Academy because she wanted to see Emrys.

She wanted to inform him about her impending marriage and invite him to her wedding banquet, determined to show him how exceptional her man was.

It could be considered a form of pettiness.

Sylvia had never compromised so much for a man, but Emrys was the exception, He had already left a deep imprint in her heart. Yet, she couldn’t attain his love and could only take revenge against herself by doing so.

It was beyond childish, but she couldn’t help it.

It was just like some girls who liked to arrange a table specially for their ex– boyfriends. during their wedding to flaunt the great match they found and deal the latter a blow for not valuing them in the past.

However, they often ended up degrading themselves:

The ex–boyfriends sitting together might not be all that regretful. Instead, they discussed their prowess and whether they could continue playing the field in the future.

Sylvia’s intention was more or less along the same lines.

She had never actually started a relationship with Emrys, and it had always been unrequited love on her part.

Yet, she still hoped to invite him to her wedding, hoping to see a hint of jealousy in him despite knowing it wasn’t quite realistic.

Regarding Sylvia’s arrival, Cordelia was taken aback and almost mistook her for Ninette initially.

“Ninette didn’t come over with you?” Cordelia asked in surprise when she entertained Sylvia.

At the mention of Ninette, a slight shadow crossed Sylvia’s eyes.

She used to be a cold and aloof person. The reason for her transformation into a sensitive and emotional person then was not only due to Emrys but also because of Ninette.

It was precisely because of the comparison with the latter that feelings of jealousy, disappointment, and resentment emerged.

She wished nothing more than to switch places with Ninette.

Forcing a smile, Sylvia said, “After Ninette returned to the Morris family, she has been cultivating diligently, so I didn’t want to disturb her and decided to come out on my own.” Cordelia could naturally tell that her smile was forced.

She opened her mouth but didn’t ask anything in the end because her own emotions were complex.

Already feeling inferior, she wondered if she would lag even further behind in the future upon hearing that her best friend was cultivating so diligently.

Her mood became even more gloomy.

She utterly regretted not heeding Ameera’s advice back then and accompanying Ninette to Cloudmist Academy to cultivate.

Mainly, it was because Cordelia had a strong personality. Following Ninette to Cloudmist. Academy inexplicably made her feel like she was taking advantage of the latter, leaving her unsettled.

Even though they were all best friends, it was hard for her to suddenly fall so far behind the others when she was used to being the eldest of them. It was something she found difficult to accept.

Her emotions wer in turmoil.

Naturally, she wasn’t in the mood to press Sylvia for details. Instead, she huffed softly. “Cultivating diligently? I think Ninette is simply heartless. Hmph!” Sylvia gave an awkward laugh, aware that she was only joking.

Cordelia then asked, “So, what brings you here today, Ms. Morris? Is there something important?” Getting down to business, Sylvia took a deep breath and said, “I’m getting married.” “Getting married?” Cordelia’s eyes lit up instantly. The inherent curiosity that came naturally to her was sparked to life. She eagerly sat down beside Sylvia and asked, “Is it a love match? How long have you two been together? And what’s he like?‘

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