Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 953

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 953-The Submission Of Zephyr When Emrys used his spirit to infiltrate Zephyr’s mind for the first time, he could have torn the man’s soul to shreds. However, he chose not to do so.

What he desired was control, total control over Zephyr’s life and death.

Otherwise, the history of what happened with Yadiel previously would only repeat itself. After he killed the man, it made him an even more crazed enemy in Gideon.

Emrys would not allow such a tragedy to happen again.

So, from the very beginning, he tried to leave a spirit imprint in Zephyr’s mind.

Unexpectedly, he actually succeeded after a few attempts, and Zephyr even remained oblivious throughout the whole process.

“With just a single thought now, I can destroy your soul, so…” Emrys moved toward Zephyr, his aura shifting dramatically as he commanded with a bark, “Kneel and acknowledge me as your master!” Zephyr felt as though his head was being torn apart. An invisible claw seemed to be wreaking havoc in his mind, leaving him utterly devoid of the will to resist.

Following Emrys‘ cold order, his pain instantly intensified.

“Mr. Lund, spare me!” Zephyr dared not disobey. With a thud, he knelt before Emrys.

He didn’t know what terrifying supernatural power Emrys unleashed, but he was certain that if he dared to utter a word of objection, his spirit would be destroyed as Emrys warned.

When faced with a choice between life and dignity, he chose the former.

Emrys, however, was not pleased. His brows furrowed slightly, and he asked, “What did you just call me?” Zephyr’s body shuddered. Finally, through gritted teeth, he relented, “Master.” “That’s more like it. Look, what’s the worth of dignity in the face of death? Even if the Lestrange family were to learn about this, they certainly wouldn’t blame you.” It was uncertain whether Emrys was serious or mocking him.

In any case. Zephyr was too ashamed to mention that matter to anyone.

The Lestrange family had been sealed off for over two decades. His was not well–known outside their circle, so his family thought that it was time for him to get out and about now that they were free of the seal.

He was also highly confident.

In the Lestrange family, he was ered the cream of the crop among his peers.

Thus, he was confident that he would make a name for himself on Mount Kushburn in no time.

However, fate had other plans.

Zephyr had not yet had the chance to attain his grand ambitions when he encountered Emrys soon upon leaving home and was reduced to his knees.

be him who’d end up the secret clan.

If word about the incident were to get out, it wouldn’t just laughingstock, but the entire Lestrange family o Therefore, it was absolutely crucial that no one else found out about that.

Zephyr knelt on the ground, but he swept his gaze around him. The ordinary onlookers. watching the show were of no consequence. They were unaware of his identity, so losing face in front of them didn’t really matter.

But the same couldn’t be said for Logan.

Logan was a member of the Judd family from Cloudmist Academy. If he had loose lips, it wouldn’t take long before Zephyr’s submission to someone else would be a laughing matter in the whole of Mount Kushburn.

Zephyr lowered his gaze, a cold glint filled with murderous intent flashing across his eyes.

He decided to find an opportunity to silence Logan once and for all.

However, no sooner had that sinister thought taken shape in his mind than an even more terrifying wave of agony tore through him. It felt as if his brain almost exploded.

Emrys shot Zephyr a displeased glance, saying. “Even though I have no idea exactly what is going through your mind, I can tell if you have sinister intentions.

Are you cursing me secretly in your heart?” Zephyr’s expression changed instantly. With a mournful expression. he denied.

“Not at all, Mr. Lund.” “What did you just call me?” “I mean, not at all, Master!” Zephyr was tamed to the point of having no trace of temper left.

Only then did Emrys stop toying with him.

At that moment, Logan, who had been hiding and observing the fight at the side, finally shut his mouth, which was agape in shock. He carefully walked over and asked, “M–Mr. Lund, what kind of supernatural power did you unleash just now?” He remembered that Gideon’s death was also equally baffling.

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