Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 951

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 951-So What “Hearing you say that, it really seems to be the case” When Emrys became Athos‘ apprentice, he had no idea he belonged to a sect.

It was Karina who informed him of it later. He even mistook her for a member of Heavenly Preserver Sect.

It was a colossal misunderstanding.

Logan exhaled heavily and said, “I should have guessed it. You were so young back then, Mr. Lund. When Heavenly Pilferer Sect committed those misdeeds, you probably weren’t horn yet or were still a child.”

Increasingly intrigued, Emrys asked, “What exactly did Heavenly Pilferer Sect do?” “They committed petty theft, visiting practically every sect on Mount Kushburn.

In their words, they weren’t stealing but seizing opportunities as cultivators.

Heavenly Pilferer Sect is notoriously shameless. Those who harbor the deepest resentment toward Heavenly Pilferer Sect are undoubtedly the secret clan families. Almost all of their secret techniques were stolen by Heavenly Pilferer Sect. I wonder what those thieves wanted to do… My apologies, Mr. Lund. I didn’t mean to offend your sect. I merely believe that you’re innocent. It would be best for you to sever ties with such a sect as soon as possible!” After Logan had finished speaking, Emrys came to understand everything.

Inwardly, he exclaimed over things.

No wonder those silly old men are always hiding. It turns out that they committed too many misdeeds and were afraid of being beaten up! So, all those impressive skills I have were all stolen? It wasn’t that someone copied my Nameless Divine Art. Instead, my sect plagiarized other people’s secret inheritance techniques, coming up with the overwhelmingly powerful Nameless Divine Art After integrating and modifying them? No, that’s impossible! It’s absolutely out of the question!

Even if that were the case, Emrys would never admit to it.

How could one say that cultivators‘ actions were thievery? It was clearly a matter of opportunity. It’s also my own stroke of luck, no?

In no time, he successfully convinced himself.

Snorting, Zephyr declared, “Do you know how I figured out you’re from Heavenly Pilferer Sect? It was all because of your bicycle. It was originally a magical item crafted by my grandfather! I remember my grandfather once telling me about his most treasured bicycle he crafted most wholeheartedly. It was stolen by that old geezer named Cassius. The man even had the nerve to ride it on Mount Kushburn, flaunting it openly. There’s no use denying it. The pattern on the front of this bicycle is the best proof as it’s the symbolic pattern of the Lestrange family of the secret sect!” As he spoke, he bared his wrist.

There was a prominent pattern on his wrist, matching perfectly with the pattern on the bicycle. He seemed intent on using the evidence to convict Emrys, a shameless disciple of Heavenly Pilferer Sect.

Everything was well–grounded.

Crafting a magical treasure in the form of a bicycle was a peculiar thing, but Zephyr’s grandfather was such a weirdo.- He had unique preferences and was probably the only one who could pull off something so baffling.

For that reason, when Zephyr realized that the bicycle was a magical item, he began to harbor suspicions deep within.

Upon closer inspection, he saw that the front of it indeed bore the symbolic pattern of the Lestrange family.

In reality, the bicycle’s body had been repainted. However, the front of it with the pattern was one of the core parts, made of a unique rust–resistant material.

Thus, Emrys simply chose to ignore it.

Unexpectedly, Zephyr managed to gain evidence against them through it.

Nonetheless, that had nothing to do with him..

He bought that old–fashioned bicycle from Antique City, unaware at the time that it was actually stolen from the Lestrange family by Cassius.

If only I had known earlier that the bicycle was stolen, perhaps I could have even saved a hundred without a middleman profiting from the price difference.

Emrys had no interest in explaining things. Suddenly, his attitude turned domineering, and he declared, “So what if Heavenly Pilferer Sect stole and plundered? What can you do about it?”

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