Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 946

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 946-Cosplay Surprisingly, even Caylie, usually a dependable confidante, had proven unreliable this time.

Emrys couldn’t shake the sting of betrayal, feeling hurt that Caylie had divulged his secret.

Yet, he didn’t mean to hurt Cordelia. He was just confused, for Cordelia was acting oddly, leading him to think she had laid out a trap for him.

Had he known carlier that Cordelia was genuinely expressing her feelings, he would never have given her such a flimsy excuse.

“Delia, don’t get me wrong- “Rys, did you know? I used to believe that I was just as worthy as any other woman. Among my sisters, I commanded respect and admiration. But now… I feel inferior,” mumbled. Cordelia, interrupting Emrys.

Following a series of perplexing events, Cordelia found herself undergoing a profound shift. in perspective.

It had been her own suggestion to embark on the path of cultivation alongside Emrys and keep up with him.

However, ironically, her sisters either had extraordinary encounters or possessed unique. bloodlines. Cordelia, once their esteemed leader, now found herself lagging behind.

This realization struck at the core of her self–esteem, challenging her sense of worth in ways she had never imagined.

She was reluctant to admit it, but in truth, she grappled with feelings of inadequacy that gnawed at her confidence.

She was worried that her sisters would forge ahead in the cultivation realm along with Emrys, leaving her trailing in their wake.

Although Emrys had assured her that he wouldn’t leave anyone behind, Cordelia couldn’t help but feel guilty. She dreaded the possibility of becoming a hindrance to Emrys, a weight dragging him down on his journey.

Witnessing the scene where Gideon mercilessly forced Emrys to kneel and bow ignited a surge of anguish within her. She loathed her own perceived inadequacy, the helpless feeling of being unable to offer even the smallest aid to Emrys in his time of need.

What if a similar situation arises in the future? I’d only become a burden.

“Dur Tua hean umrartling with muɛthouahte whan 1 une choumring jurt driving me. I mean every word I said just now. It took immense courage for me to open up to you like this. I realized that while I might not be of much help to you in the future, I can offer you something precious: my innocence, my purity. But if you believe that I’m not worthy of that, then…” As Cordelia’s voice trailed off, tears brimmed in her eyes.

She was typically composed, but that day, she was particularly emotional.

Emrys gazed at Cordelia, her distress and vulnerability tugging at his heartstrings. Without hesitation, he approached her, enfolding her delicate frame in a comforting embrace. “What nonsense are you talking about? How could I ever leave you behind?” Cordelia finally burst out crying, her tears dampening Emrys‘ chest.

Gone was the aloof girl who had once responded to his teasing with a playful tug on his ear.

Instead, she clung to him with a desperation that stirred something primal within him. In that moment, as Cordelia’s tear–stained face lifted to meet his, Emrys was overcome by a rush of desire. His rational thoughts were drowned out by the primal instincts that pulsed through his veins. Without a word, he scooped Cordelia into his arms, carrying her toward the bed.

However, as the atmosphere crackled with anticipation and desire after all foreplay was over, Cordelia’s demure demeanor abruptly shattered, replaced by an icy look that sent a shiver down Emrys‘ spine.

“You presumptuous mortal,” she began, her voice cutting through the air like a dagger, “how dare you disrespect my vessel? You’re courting death!” They were already entwined in each other’s arms, yet in the midst of their passion, Cordelia’s demeanor suddenly changed.

Caught off guard, Emrys froze.

Wow, you certainly know how to keep things interesting, huh, Delia? You’re cosplaying a fairy, huh? That’s a step up from the usual nurse, flight attendant, or teacher roles. Bravo for creativity!

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