Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 944

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 944-The Counterfeit Furrowing his brow, Zephyr pressed further, “Who is this Mr. Lund?” Given the circumstances, Logan didn’t have a choice but to reveal the truth.

With a resigned sigh, he began to recount the sequence of events.

While he had promised Emrys to keep it a secret, he couldn’t afford to offend the Lestrange family either.

Thus, as he recounted the events, he emphasized Emrys‘ formidable presence and suggested. to approach him with diplomacy, negotiating the return of the storage pouch in a peaceful


However, Zephyr didn’t have the patience to listen to his lengthy explanation.

With a frigid tone, he commanded, “Since you know where it is, quit dawdling.

Lead me to this Mr. Lund immediately!” Concerned that Emrys might misunderstand, Logan resolved to personally pay him a visit to clarify the situation. “Very well, I’ll escort you there at once,” he acquiesced.

Pausing briefly, Logan reiterated his caution, “Mr. Lestrange, Mr. Lund is not to be underestimated. Allow me to negotiate when the time comes, if you please.” “Hmph! I know what I should do,” Zephyr retorted dismissively.

Meanwhile, as reconstruction efforts were underway at Apricot Hall, Emrys remained far from idle.

He meticulously crafted a formidable formation around Verdant Estate, enhancing its defenses with offensive capabilities. This advanced iteration of the Telepathic Formation rendered even the enigmatic ghost clan wary of approaching recklessly.

Upon completing his task, Emrys retreated to his chambers and retrieved a storage bag. Its contents consisted merely of a handful of magical items and pills.

“Heh, who would’ve guessed Gideon was so dedicated to his studies? These notes he’s made are seriously impressive,” Emrys mused aloud as he perused the meticulous notes.

Flipping through the thick stack of drafts, Emrys pondered the significance. If Gideon found. it necessary to compile such an extensive array of annotations, then surely the technique in question held profound complexity.

Intrigued, he reached for the book detailing the secret inheritance technique and began to peruse its contents..

The Counterfeit How peculiar. This technique bears a striking resemblance to the Nameless Divine Art I’ve cultivated, but it’s much simpler than that. Yes, that’s exactly what it feels like.

The secret inheritance technique, a cherished treasure in the eyes of the Lestrange family, seemed incredibly simple to Emrys, incomparable to the Nameless Divine Art.

With a blend of confusion and curiosity swirling within him, Emrys delved into the cultivation techniques outlined in the book. Almost immediately, he sensed the familiar stirrings of the Nameless Divine Art within him.

However, its activation was sluggish, akin to a car struggling for momentum with insufficient. horsepower.

Yet, one undeniable truth emerged–the secret technique and the Nameless Divine Art shared an intricate bond.

Realization soon dawned upon Emrys after he recovered from shock. Yet, this newfound understanding swiftly gave way to simmering anger, “So, this is how it is, Gideon,” he seethed, his voice dripping with disdain. “You had the audacity to secretly learn the profound martial arts techniques of the Heavenly Preserver Sect! And to think, you settled for a mere knock–off! What a disgrace!” Athos had once told Emrys that the Nameless Divine Art was custom–crafted exclusively for him, a creation of unparalleled uniqueness. He even insisted that Emrys dispose of the original copy once he mastered it to ensure secrecy.

Thus, it couldn’t have been leaked out.

The only plausible explanation was that prior to Athos granting Emrys the original copy of the Nameless Divine Art, it had fallen prey to prying eyes, resulting in the dissemination of counterfeit versions.

How outrageous! Those thieves should be severely punished!

Consumed by a surge of anger, Emrys flung the book of secret inheritance technique into the trash bin in a fit of frustration. Yet, upon second thought, he found no solace in this action. Retrieving the book, he tore it apart with fervor, reducing it to a flurry of tiny scraps.

Only then did he feel satisfied.

“Rys, what are you up to?” Cordelia’s voice interrupted Emrys’s thoughts as she gently pushed the door open, gliding into the room with the effortless grace of a swan. Clad in a snow– white lace nightgown, she exuded an air of ethereal beauty while brushing droplets from her hair.

The movement caused the hem of her gown to inch upward, revealing a glimpse of her

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