Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 939

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 939-Sylvia Refuses To Wed Feigning regret, she sighed deeply and said, “It’s such a pity that you are determined to call off the engagement, Zephyr. I, as your elder, certainly cannot force you…” “Mdm. Ameera, I’ve given it further thought,” he remarked. “The Lestrange family is one of the secret clans, where integrity is a fundamental virtue.

Therefore, I believe we should not call off this marriage.” “My dear nephew, there’s no need to force yourself. This was a decision we made with your father back then. However, times have changed and people now

value the freedom to choose their own spouse. Even if you decide to call off the marriage, I won’t blame you.” “What are you talking about?” Zephyr’s expression darkened as he spoke. “Do you think the Lestrange family is the type to break our word? The real reason I came today was to propose to Ms. Morris, and this proposal is made on behalf of my family.” “But you clearly said earlier- “What did I say? A cancellation? Ha, I was merely testing your sincerity, that’s all. Mdm. Ameera, you’ve truly disappointed me. How could you agree so easily when I propose to call off the engagement? Do you not value our marriage contract at all? Do you not know the spirit of adhering to a contract?” Well, well, kiddo, you really seem to have pulled off a convincing act!

Despite her smug thoughts, Ameera feigned guilt on the surface, saying, “Ah, hearing you say that, I realize how shortsighted I’ve been, Zephyr. I didn’t even realize you were testing me. You’re right, we should honor the agreement. Since you feel this way, let’s set a date!” Ameera eyes flickered as she added, “The matter of the betrothal gift is actually quite clearly laid out in the marriage contract, so I won’t belabor the point.

Besides, I believe the grander the wedding ceremony, the better. It’s the perfect way to showcase the prestige of a secret clan.” Zephyr cast another lusty glance at Sylvia, nodding as he said, “Of course, given the standing of the Lestrange family, all factions of Mount Kushburn would send representatives when the time comes to host a banquet. Who would dare not to?” After the Lestrange family had extricated themselves from their predicament, the first thing they did was investigate the status of the other secret clans. They found that these clans have yet to show any noticeable activity.

This indicated that those families were still confined, with no idea when they would be able la amerme Balance: 151 +0 Chapter 939 Sylvia Refuses To Wed This was a good thing for the Lestrange family.

Originally, the Lestrange family was considered the least influential among the several major secret clans. However, with no other secret clans appearing, it meant that they had now become the reigning power in Mount Kushburn.

After hearing Zephyr’s promise, Ameera’s face lit up with joy as she finally dropped all pretense. She cheerfully said, “In that case, let’s consider it settled, haha!” “Mom, I’ve told you, I’m not ready to get married yet!” Suddenly, Sylvia spoke up.

Ameera walked up to her and said, “Why wouldn’t you consider it? Zephyr is a member of a secret clan, and he’s not bad–looking either. Would marrying him really be so difficult for you?” Sylvia shook her head and said, “I just don’t have any plans to get married at the moment.” “Why don’t you spend some time with Zephyr first, and see how it goes? Maybe you two might hit it off?” “I’m not in the mood.” Not in the mood?

Ameera was taken aback for a moment, looking at Sylvia with a surprised expression.

Her daughter had always been very obedient in the past. When she suggested the former mingle with other successful scions, she was willing to do so. Even if she wasn’t ready for marriage, establishing relationships was still beneficial.

However, Sylvia surprisingly declined outright by saying she was not in the mood.

She’s in no mood to even make friends? This was somewhat different from her past character.

Ameera asked with a puzzled look, “Sylvia, what’s going on with you today? I only suggested that you try to get to know Zephyr first, not that you have to marry him right now. Why are you so upset about it?” Sylvia shook her head, her emotions a mess.

She was upset because Emrys had left a profound impression on her heart.

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