Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 937

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 937-Please Mind Yourself He was definitely not joking.

Given Emrys’s formidable strength, if he were to become a demonic cultivator, it was likely that all of Mount Kushburn would be decimated by his hand.

Consequently, Logan and the others didn’t dare to take such a risk.

He immediately spoke with reverence. “Mr. Lund, rest assured that today’s matter will be kept a secret. In the future, the Judd family will certainly not cause any more trouble for you. Yadiel’s death was a consequence of his own actions, a fate he brought upon himself. As for Gideon’s demise, it had nothing to do with you, Mr. Lund. It was his own cultivation… of demonic technique that led to his

downfall, causing him to be driven mad. Not only are you not an enemy of the Judd family, but you have also eradicated a great menace for us. Otherwise, the Judd family’s reputation would have been ruined by Gideon. Therefore, the Judd family is eternally grateful to you, Mr. Lund!” Logan was sincere in his words. After finishing, he bowed deeply to Emrys and was followed by several members of the Judd family who did the same.

He spoke nothing but heartfelt words.

After witnessing Emrys‘ power, they had long since lost their desire to avenge Lord Yadiel.

Logan had expressed his intention to take Gideon’s body back to provide an explanation to Judd family and Cloudmist Academy. The reason was Gideon’s current condition was indistinguishable from that of a demonic cultivator.

They could easily argue that Gideon brought his own demise by practicing demonic techniques.

Emrys waved his hand dismissively and said, “Take him His away. presence is an eyesore to me.” Thank you, Mr. Lund!” Logan expressed his gratitude once more.

He carefully wrapped Gideon’s body with several pieces of clothing, then lifted it and left.

At the Morris residence within Cloudmist Academy, a strikingly handsome stranger with a tall and slender figure appeared, proclaiming that he wanted to see Ameera.

It seemed he knew that Ameera was the de facto head of the family, compared to her henpecked husband, Wyatt, Ameera didn’t know this person, so at first, she was very apprehensive.

However, when she saw the item the young man presented, she was instantly taken aback.

Chapter 937 Please Mind Yourself It was a marriage contract.

After Ameera read the contract, she exclaimed excitedly, “Are you… Sylvester Lestrange’s son, Zephyr Lestrange?” As she spoke, her hands were trembling, while her face filled with disbelief.

Zephyr nodded and said, “Mdm. Ameera, I am indeed Zephyr, and Sylvester is my father.” “The Lestrange family, one of the secret clans?” Ameera still found it somewhat hard to believe, so she held her breath and asked the question even though she already knew the answer, Overwhelmed by the sudden turn of events, she momentarily lost her composure.

“The marriage contract is right here. Surely, you aren’t doubting my identity, are you, Mdm. Ameera?” Zephyr seemed somewhat displeased. He opened his palm and a vibrant green life energy began to rise. After a moment, this energy astonishingly turned blood–red.

What he used wasn’t demonic technique.

The life energy condensed through demonic techniques would always manifest in shades of crimson or dark hues. There was simply no way it could transition from a normal color to crimson red suddenly.

This transformation could only indicate that Zephyr had invoked a secret inherite technique, building upon the foundation of his original life energy.

He is indeed from the Lestrange family!

“Haha, so it really is you. Zephyr. I wasn’t doubting your identity. In fact, when I first laid eyes on you, you seemed familiar, as if we’ve met before. I was just shocked, unable to believe IL Regaining her composure, Ameera wore a warm smile on her face. She even affectionately held Zephyr’s hand, using this gesture to convey her friendly attitude… It was a scene that seemed to have happened not too long ago.

However, what was different this time was when the charming man took Ameera’s hand, he was rather audacious. Not only did he daringly tickle her palm, but he also teased her with his words.

As for who it was, names wouldn’t be mentioned. All that was certain was that “it wasn’t Emrys.” Chapter 937 Please Mind Yourself However, this time was different. Zephyr quickly withdrew his hand, a slight frown creasing his brow as he said, “Mdm. Ameera, please mind yourself.”

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