Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 932

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 932-Will Kneel Gideon appeared to have lost his sanity, his smile contorted. He reached out and seized Duncan by the back of the neck.

If Emrys dared to make a reckless move, not only would Celena’s sword slash Duncan’s throat, but Gideon would also snap Duncan’s neck. Even God himself couldn’t save the latter.

“My Lord, how about we make a deal?” Gideon suggested with a smirk. Due to his severe injuries, he spat out blood as he spoke. “Kneel before me and prostrate yourself on the ground three times. What do you say?” Emrys remained stationary, his brows deeply furrowed.

Although his strength was formidable, enough to instantly eliminate the severely injured Gideon and Celena, he couldn’t guarantee Duncan’s rescue.

A slight mistake was enough for Duncan to meet his end at the duo’s hands.

“What’s the matter, My Lord? Aren’t you known for your love and care for the common. people? Could it be that his life is worth less than your dignity? It seems their faith isn’t as reliable as it appears. What a hypocrite you are!” Gideon’s face was filled with disdain as he tightened his grip slightly on Duncan’s neck.

Duncan grimaced in pain, but he still spoke with defiance. “My Lord, you must never kneel to such a villain. I’ve lived a long life, and I’ve had enough. You don’t need to worry about me. Kill them to rid the people of this menace. My life is worth the sacrifice!” He didn’t address Emrys as Master Lund and instead referred to the latter as “My Lord.” This was because he knew that Emrys represented the dignity of Chanaea, and it was absolutely unthinkable for him to kneel before the wicked.

“Heh, old man, you sure have some backbone!” With a mocking laugh, Gideon swept his crimson gaze around. “See for yourselves,” he sneered. “This is the man you all worship, the one you have faith in. Yet he clearly doesn’t care about your lives- “I’ll kneel!” Suddenly, Emrys gritted his teeth, cutting off Gideon’s words, “My Lord, no!” Duncan was consumed by desperation, yet Emrys had already dropped to his knees.

A man must never kneel!

When Emrys knelt, it was an earth–shattering moment.

The citizens of Chanaea, from ordinary folk to Chandler and members of the Martial Arts Alliance, all felt a pang in their hearts.

Úpon witnessing Emrys kneel, Logan and the others were filled with complex emotions.

They were cultivators, and while they didn’t voice it out loud, they shared Gideon’s sentiments; the life and death of ordinary people didn’t particularly concern them.

Not harming the innocent doesn’t compel them to save the former.

If they were in Emrys‘ shoes, there was absolutely no way they would kneel and beg Gideon for mercy.

The dignity of a cultivator was considered more valuable than the life of an ordinary person.

That was why they suddenly admired Emrys greatly.

This strikingly handsome young man was nothing like the people they had met in Mount Kushburn.

Gideon’s face bore an arrogant expression as he burst into hysterical laughter.

“Hahaha, who would have thought that you, Emrys, would actually be willing to kneel? I must say, I’m impressed, hahaha…” Suddenly, his laughter ceased.

With a scowl on his face, he barked, “Is that all? Aren’t you supposed to prostrate yourself three times? Just kneeling down doesn’t seem sincere enough to me, does it, Empyreant Lord?” “You… don’t go too far!” Upon hearing this, everyone at the scene clenched their fists, seething with anger.

Duncan exclaimed, “Your Highness, you prostrate yourself! If you do, you’d humiliate me. How could I face the people of Chanaea afterward? Come on, weren’t you planning to kill me? Go ahead and do it now. I’m not afraid of death at all!” Duncan was screaming his lungs out when he suddenly began to struggle violently. He wanted to thrust his neck toward Celena’s sword, but Gideon held him back from behind, preventing him from doing so.

“You b*stard!” Gideon cursed loudly, his foot striking the back of Duncan’s knee.

His hand, however, remained clamped on the nape of Duncan’s neck, causing Duncan’s feet to momentarily hang in the air as a result of the kick.

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