Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 918

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 918-Time To Eat Demon Wolf strode forward, its broad paws pounding the ground, creating booming sounds with each step.

Remarkably, wherever it passed, it left behind two rows of crimson paw prints, which slowly. faded away after a few seconds.

It was really intimidating.

Its imposing presence commanded awe from Tyler and his companions, who bowed their heads in submission, resembling servile subjects.

Emrys observed the scene, unable to resist a sarcastic remark, “Is this the famed totem family? Clearly, you’re nothing more than dogs serving a beast, yet you proudly display yourselves as if you’re bestowing honor upon humanity!” “How dare you! Show some respect to Lord Demon Wolf!” Tyler scolded furiously.

However, Demon Wolf glanced at him dismissively. “I didn’t ask for your input.

Keep your mouth shut.” “Yes, forgive me, Lord Demon Wolf,” Tyler replied fearfully, once again adopting a subservient demeanor.

Demon Wolf seemed pleased with this reaction or perhaps deliberately did so to show Emrys. It then spoke with a contemptuous look directed at him. “Most humans are inherently servile. Offer them a little favor, and they’ll wag their tail in gratitude. It was your ancestors of the Wheeler family who sought me out, offering to worship me as a totem. They requested a trace of my bloodline as a condition. From start to finish, I never forced them to be my slaves. Instead, they believed that inheriting the blood of the Demon Wolf was a great honor.

It spoke with an overwhelming sense of superiority.

The Wheeler family members, far from being ashamed, proudly exclaimed, “We thank the Lord Demon Wolf for his blessings!” Then, the Demon Wolf turned its imposing head toward Emrys.

A sly smirk appeared on its elongated wolf muzzle, resembling a mocking grin directed at him.

“You’re Gavin, right? Are you like them, obedient and groveling, or do you have a spine?” Initially planning to strike Emrys with its claw, the Demon Wolf suddenly had a new idea.

Emrys remained silent but emitted a slurping sound from beneath his cold mask.

Slurping sound? Why is that?

Tyler and the others were puzzled.

Suddenly, Emrys chuckled and said, “Oops pardon my manners. Lost control for a moment. and drooled.” He then raised his head, gazing at the towering Demon Wolf with unwavering eyes, even showing a hint of excitement.

He said, “I can’t speak about their spines, but yours, I believe, would make a delightful broth. Also, it’s good to arrive at the right time than arrive early. Now that you’re here, let the feast commence!” With a swift movement, Emrys transformed into a flurry of sharp sword shadows, soaring into the air, aiming straight for the Demon Wolf’s lofty head.

Has this kid lost his mind?

Seeing Emrys launching an attack on the Demon Wolf, Tyler and the others unanimously concluded that Emrys must have lost his mind to eagerly offer himself to Demon Wolf.

With a mocking look in his eyes, Demon Wolf didn’t even bother to dodge. It snorted, and in an instant, a surge of hot air blasted frogs its nostrils, hurtling toward Emrys.

“What a bold claim!‘ Emrys leaped, narrowly dodging the scorching blast. As the blast hit the ground, it created a massive crater.

This attack was almost as powerful as one from the early–phase of Golden Elixir Stage.

Emrys didn’t dwell on it. He swiftly maneuvered, continuing to pummel the Demon Wolf with his fists.

Demon Wolf suddenly lifted its front paw and swatted at Emrys, much like shooing away a fly. Their fists collided, and in the contrast of their massive sizes, Emrys seemed minuscule.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

After repelling Emrys, the residual force from the Demon Wolf’s attack left a series of fresh crimson claw marks in front of Emrys, constantly exploding as he staggered backward.

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