Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 911

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 911-Match Up Shortly thereafter, rumors spread that a peerless powerhouse emerged from the Crimson Sun Sect.

It matched up perfectly.

Gideon had no doubt about Emrys’s strength.

The people he sent to protect Yadiel, who were at the Golden Elixir Stage, also ended up dead at Emrys’s hands. So Emrys’s strength was definitely not to be underestimated.

“Are they still at the Crimson Sun Sect?” Gideon asked.

Celena hesitated for a moment, then truthfully replied, “I’m not sure. I haven’t seen them around recently.” Celena didn’t know at first that Emrys and Caylie had arrived at the Crimson Sun Sect until the day Emrys came forward to deal with Rodney.

As for whether they had left or when they left. Celena had no idea.

And she wouldn’t know that Caylie was actually still in the forbidden area behind the Crimson Sun Sect, comprehending the Azure Heart Technique.

Gideon’s eyes flickered with cold light. “Regardless of whether they’re still at the Crimson. Sun Sect, since they came from outside Mount Kushburn, they must have relatives and friends outside. I don’t believe we can’t catch them.” He knew that even if he went to the Crimson Sun Sect to seek justice, Quincey would not hand over Emrys and Caylie. Rodney was a precedent.

Thus, he decided to take action outside.

“Do you still remember where you encountered them?” Gideon asked.

“I remember. It was in a traditional medicine clinic called Apricot Hall in Jadeborough, Jazona. They came out of that traditional medicine clinic, so they must have a close relationship with it,” Celena said.

Seemingly guessing what Gideon wanted to do, Celena immediately recounted all the detailed information she knew.

Gideon patted her shoulder and said, “Well done. When the time comes, you’ll be responsible for leading the way. After I resolve this matter, I can adopt you as my goddaughter. I’ll make sure to focus on cultivating you.” Gideon nodded. “Wait here. I’m going to pay a visit to the Spirit Sword Sect and see Rodney.” Meanwhile, back at Sword King Sect, Emrys immediately summoned Ruben for a private conversation after taking charge. He said solemnly, “Ruben, I’ve paved the way for you. The rest is up to you.” “What do you mean by that?” Ruben looked at Emrys with a puzzled expression.

Emrys smiled and said, “You know, I’ve never been very interested in being the sect leader. If it weren’t for those few b*stards being too much, I wouldn’t have come back so soon.” “You want to be a figurehead?” Ruben’s eyes widened suddenly.

At this point, how could he not understand Emrys’s meaning? It was clear that he didn’t want to stay in the Sword King Sect anymore.

But you’ve been the sect leader for less than half a day! And just half a day ago, in front of all the disciples of the Sword Sect, you were solemnly swearing how you disregarding your promises now? Is that not hypocriticalponsible and courageous Ruben’s face was full of resentment.

“Don’t be so harsh. What do you mean by rehead? I just have unfinished business elsewhere, so I can’t stay in the Sword King Sect(for the time being,” Emrys explained.

Ruben asked curiously, “Sect leader, if I may be so bold, are there any concerns you haven’t resolved? Perhaps I might be able to help.” “You?” Emrys glanced at him and immediately felt his hair stand on end. He said, “Absolutely not. I still have several beautiful chicks waiting for me to hook up with. Why are you butting in? No!” Emrys couldn’t stand this.

Ruben felt even more resentful. He had thought that the sect leader had some important unresolved issues on his mind, but it turned out, he was just preoccupied with wooing girls. He was so engrossed in this pursuit that he even neglected his duties to the sect..

What a disappointment!

“I’m very confident entrusting you with the Sword King Sect.”

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