Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 904

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 904-Hard To Accept It was confirmed then!

Yet, precisely because of this, it became increasingly difficult for everyone to accept.

To become Alexander’s disciple was something many wouldn’t dare to dream of, yet this lad actually refused. Had he lost his mind?

He must be crazy.

Alexander spoke calmly. “Although it’s true that you refused to become my disciple, do you think I’m seeking personal revenge today just because of that?

Saying that I’m petty? Ask the rest if they believe that.” This was also why Alexander dared to let Emrys speak. When there was no evidence, no matter what Emrys said, he wouldn’t admit it, yet it still gave the impression that he was reasonable.

He could have just killed Emrys without giving Emrys a chance to speak, but instead, he gave Emrys this opportunity. Wasn’t that magnanimous of him?

What a great façade he had built!

“Exactly, there’s no proof. What happened yesterday stays in the past, while today is another matter. Today, Old Mr. Youngblood is here to protect our Sword Sect. It has nothing to do with your refusal to be his disciple!” “Tigger, you’re just connecting two unrelated events based on your own subjective assumptions, maliciously speculating about Old Mr. Youngblood’s intentions. I think you’re the petty one!” “Isn’t this just being overly suspicious? How ridiculous!” The crowd was stirred up.

Alexander sneered inwardly, but to the crowd, he waved generously and said, “It’s fine. Let’s hear what he has to say. I’ve never been unreasonable.” Look, Old Mr. Youngblood is such a dignified person. How dare Tigger accuse him of being narrow- minded? Doesn’t he feel ashamed? How ridiculous!

Emrys remained smiling as he calmly said, “The reason I said this isn’t baseless. It’s because this old man here harbored murderous intent the moment I rejected his offer to be his disciple. He just didn’t act on it due to his pride.” “Where’s the evidence?” Alexander remained unfazed because, no matter what Emrys said, it was his subjective perception. Without substantial evidence, anything he said was useless.

“Yeah, show us the evidence! Stop spouting baseless accusations to defame Old Mr. Youngblood!” “That’s simple,” Emrys said. “I have witness testimonies and physical evidence.

Yesterday, at the peak, there were three Sword Sect masters with me. I refuse to believe I was the only one who noticed the murderous intent.” With a cold snort, Alexander signaled for Devon to step forward and asked, “Is what he said true? Did I harbor murderous intent toward him yesterday?” “Nonsense!” Devon exclaimed loudly. “Old Mr. Youngblood is a person of great stature. How could he possibly harbor murderous intent toward a junior like you just because of such a trivial matter? If it weren’t for your outrageous actions today, Old Mr. Youngblood wouldn’t even bother.” Good.

Alexander nodded approvingly at Devon. As Caden was dead, there was no way for him to provide an answer. Thus, Alexander turned to Ruben, his gaze slightly focused. “And you?” Emrys also looked at Ruben.

In fact, Ruben’s answer was irrelevant to Emrys. Even if his answer was the same as Devon’s, Emrys wouldn’t blame him.

After all, Alexander’s presence in the three major Sword Sects was paramount.

Ruben had his own concerns, which was normal.

However, what surprised Emrys was that, after hesitating for a moment, Ruben actually spoke up. “Yesterday, I did sense the murderous intent.” When he said this, he clenched his teeth tightly, indicating the courage it took.

His entire family was in the Soul Sword Sect. If he insisted on standing with Emrys, he couldn’t imagine how Alexander would target them in the future.

Ruben was a man of character/ he couldn’t stand such injustice. Moreover, Emrys was the successor of the Heavenly Sword King, essentially making him a disciple of his benefactor.

Ruben couldn’t bring himself to tell a lie.

“Very well.”

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