Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 886

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 886-Hiding Ruben knew it in his heart that, from the moment Emrys ignored his advice and insisted on leaving Soul Sword Sect, the latter was destined for more trouble than fortune.

Sending Silas was merely a gesture to express his feelings, so he advised Silas to act according to the latter’s capabilities and not to force things. He explained that all those calamities were brought upon by Emrys himself.

In Mount Kushburn, it was not uncommon for people to envy the gifted.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The battle was still raging on.

Silas‘ abilities were limited. He could only hold back one of the middle–phase Golden Elixir stage pursuers. The remaining middle–phase Golden Elixir Stage pursuer, along with several early–phase Golden Elixir Stage chasers, were still rapidly closing in on Emrys.

With a swift movement, Emrys disappeared into a dense forest teeming with lush branches and leaves.

As that was the perfect opportunity for a counterattack, Emrys quickly withdrew his aura.

The group pursuing him halted momentarily at the entrance of the dense forest.

The powerful individual, who was in the middle phase of Golden Elixir Stage, spoke up. “The brat’s aura has suddenly vanished, which means he’s definitely hiding nearby. Let’s go in and search!” When fleeing, only by harnessing the power of one’s life energy could one elevate their speed to the utmost limit.

Suddenly, Emrys‘ presence vanished, indicating that he had stopped fleeing and hiding somewhere.

A few people quickly plunged into the dense forest, spreading out to search.

Upon reaching a spot lush with foliage, an early–phase Golden Elixir Stage cultivator suddenly noticed something, and his eyes sparkled. That was because he had sensed the presence of Emrys, who was nearby.

“You little rascal, are you that nervous? Seeing me approach, you can’t even control your own aura. A smirk of satisfaction played at the corners of this man’s mouth. Then, with a swift and icy thrust of his sword, he lunged toward a dense thicket, “Die already!” Boom!

Suddenly, a wave of intense heat rushed toward the elder of the Origin Sword Sect, causing his heart to palpitate uncontrollably, instantly evoking a profound sense of impending danger. “Spirit fire?” The man couldn’t help but cry out in shock, and immediately after, the long sword in his hand shattered. At the same time, a flaming long sword, forged from spirit fire, pierced through the air. In an instant, it swept across his neck.


The elder of the Ancient Sword Sect clutched his throat as blood spurted out, unable to utter a single word. He could only stare wide–eyed at the young man before him, who bore an uncanny resemblance to the Grim Reaper.

That chilling mask sent shivers down his spine as he was still in disbelief about what happened.

When his instincts sensed danger, his body swiftly erected a protective barrier.

Yet, Emrys so easily pierced through the elder’s protective shield, a feature of early–phase Golden Elixir Stage, and effortlessly inflicted a fatal wound on the latter’s neck.

The incident where Emrys had previously slain Killian had already proven that Emrys possessed the strength to contend with cultivators in the early–phase of Golden Elixir Stage.

However, everyone assumed that Emrys had secretly used a mysterious technique to elevate his initial cultivation base to the later stages by force, thus allowing him to slay Killian.

However, the use of secret techniques was something that couldn’t be continuously executed in a short span of time.

Therefore, that elder, who was in the early–phase of Golden Elixir Stage, was so confident. He believed that with his strength, he could easily deal with Emrys.

However, the truth revealed that his overconfidence had cost him his life.


Not long after the elder in the early stages of Golden Elixir was killed, word quickly reached the others who hurried over.

Upon witnessing that scene, the elder who led them furrowed his brows in confusion and asked, “Instant kill?” They had been searching elsewhere just moments ago when they sensed a fluctuation in Emrys‘ aura from this direction. Consequently, they hurried over immediately. However, when they arrived, all they found was a lifeless body, Emrys, once again, hid as only a swift and decisive kill could allow him to eliminate his target and escape unscathed in such a short span of time.

What left the group utterly baffled was how Emrys managed to defeat an early– stage Golden Elixir Stage cultivator in an instant.

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