Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 872

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 872-Invincible Ruben furrowed his brows, voicing his concern. “Mr. Griffins, don’t act recklessly, Killian may be extremely detestable, but he is indeed a prodigy in sword energy. His cultivation is at the peak of Foundation Stage, and he has comprehended master level sword energy. You’re no match for him.” At Mount Kushburn, sword cultivators were naturally more dominant than the average practitioner. Killian was only a hair’s breadth away from Golden Elixir Stage. Coupled with his master level sword energy, it was fair to say he was invincible in the Foundation Stage.

He could even hold their own for a while against cultivators in the early–phase Golden Elixir Stage.

As for Emrys, even though he had grasped legendary level sword energy, his own skill level had only just managed to break through the foundational stage.

The legendary level sword energy provided Emrys with sweeping strikes and the ability to fight beyond his level. However, being in the early–phase Foundation Stage, no matter how strong he was, it was impossible for him to elevate his combat power to rival that of the early–phase Golden Elixir Stage.

There was no way he could rival Killian.

Ruben assumed that Emrys was unaware of Killian’s prowess, so he took the time to analyze the situation for Emrys, urging him to think carefully and avoid making any foolish decisions.

Before Emrys could respond, Caden asserted with conviction, “Mr. Griffins, you are truly deserving of your title as Sword King’s inheritor. I must say, your courage is something I deeply admire.” Of course, he wasn’t genuinely praising Emrys. While his words were complimentary, he was inwardly cursing Emrys as a fool.

Their initial target was primarily Emrys. They focused on him because they were worried that he might not dare to fight back. Therefore, they turned their attention to Peter, punishing him as an example to others.

Unexpectedly, Emrys actually took the initiative and put himself in the spotlight.

In Caden’s view, Emrys was being foolish, which was nothing short of a godsend.

Caden’s flattery was nothing more than an attempt to inflate Emrys‘ ego. After all, young people tend to get carried away with praise, their heads easily heated with arrogance. This played perfectly into their hands.

However, Emrys unexpectedly retorted, “Who do you think you are? Whether I have the courage or not, do I need your admiration?” To think he has the audacity to say that! He’s even crazier than Killiant thought Caden, Before, when Killian encountered Caden, he merely disregarded the latter.

When he met Devon, he only offered a perfunctory salute. To the onlookers, Killian’s behavior was already incredibly arrogant.

However, that day, an even more arrogant one showed up.

Facing the leader of Spirit Sword Sect, Emrys actually had the audacity to blurt out, “Who do you think you are?” That completely shattered everyone’s understanding of arrogance, escalating it to the point of suicidal recklessness.

In any other circumstance, if it were anyone else, daring to offend Caden in such a manner would indeed be a suicidal act.

Caden’s face darkened. A glint of murderous intent flashed in his eyes, but that time, he managed to suppress it.

Ruben wanted to kill Killian, but with the two powerful individuals guarding him, it was impossible. Similarly, Caden’s desire to kill Emrys right under Ruben’s watch was not going to be an easy task either.

Devon stowed away his peculiar expression, turning to say, “Killian, you are our Origin Sword Sect’s prodigy. Now that someone has challenged you, shouldn’t you promptly respond?” Killian chuckled. “As you wish, my master! This worthless individual, who has just barely advanced to Foundation Stage, has become so arrogant after a stroke of luck. Daring to challenge me, Killian, he’s practically seeking his own death-” “Shut up!” With a stern look, Devon glared fiercely at Killian, He was terrified that Emrys might change his mind, so he hastily had Killian accept Emrys‘ challenge and stop Killian from speaking further.

Naturally, Killian understood what Devon was thinking. His lips twitched slightly, refraining from further mockery. However, his eyes were filled with cold, derisive laughter. This inheritor of Sword King is too arrogant.

Ruben also felt that Emrys was being arrogant.

Although it was quite satisfying for Ruben to hear Emrys stand up to Caden, relying solely on verbal retorts wasn’t enough. The consequences of seeking momentary pleasure could be extremely severe.

Thus, Ruben had no choice but to pull Emrys aside, speaking earnestly. “Mr.

Griffins, I know you’re feeling down and you’re looking for an opportunity to vent.

However, there’s one thing you must understand. This is not a simple spar.”

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