Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 867

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 867-A Battle Of Pride Mount Kushburn was a pragmatic place. No one would bother about a minor character at the Energy Cultivation Stage.

Originally, Emrys had intended to keep a low profile. He wanted to try his luck at Sword King Mountain by using Wyatt’s sword statutte. Regardless of whether he gained anything. he had planned to leave discreetly on the same day.

He did not expect to obtain a hint from Azure King’s will when he arrived at Sword King Mountain. In the end, he even managed to seize the Sword King’s inheritance.

What surprised him even more was how Ruben announced that he would rebuild the Sword King Sect and become the new sect leader.

Ruben had good intentions, but his actions undeniably pushed Emrys into the eye of the storm. The attitudes of Devon and Caden betrayed their hostility.

Therefore, Emrys had no choice but to adjust his plans and conceal his aura again.

Although being at the Foundation Stage was not particularly impressive, it would prevent others from viewing him as a loser. Otherwise, anyone would feel indignant that a loser at the Energy Cultivation Stage could obtain the Sword King’s inheritance.

After Emrys used the Soul Cloak Stone, he disguised his aura to be at the Foundation Stage. To others, it appeared as if he had naturally advanced. No one would suspect that he was using a magical treasure like the Soul Cloak Stone.


The spirit energy fluctuating around him gathered at his elixir field.

Emrys‘ act was thorough. After wrapping up the final details, he got up and headed toward the courtyard gate.

At that moment, only the guard remained at the gate. Ruben and the messenger had already rushed off to the sword training hall.

Feigning ignorance, Emrys asked, “Did I just hear Mr. Ruben’s voice?” The guard was still dumbstruck by Emrys’s exceptional talent in swordsmanship. After hearing Emrys‘ question, he replied, “Mr. Ruben did come. However, after seeing that you’re focusing on your breakthrough, he chose not to disturb you.” Emrys nodded and asked, “Where is Mr. Ruben now?” “He’s at the sword training hall. Apparently, Mr. Peter got into a fight with a fanatic from the Origin Sword Sect. Sensing that something was amiss, Mr.

Ruben hurried over.” “Thank you!” Not saying anything else, Emrys immediately rushed off.

The sword training hall was a shared space among the Three Sword Sects, just like the Sword King Mountain. There, the Three Sword Sects would typically hold their friendly spars.

The mentees from the Three Sword Sects would fight against each other in private there too.

At that moment, the sword training hall was filled with mentees from the sword sects.

They were engrossed in watching the battle that was unfolding between Peter and Killian.

Both of them were renowned figures who were talented in swordsmanship.

Their rivalry was akin to the ultimate showdown between the younger generations of the Two Sword Sects.

Therefore, every time they crossed paths, it would spark widespread attention.

The mentees of the Origin Sword Sect and the Soul Sword Sect were particularly excited. They waved their flags, cheering and rallying with fervor.

To a certain extent, the two of them represented the Two Sword Sects.

Peter had repeatedly suffered defeat at the hands of Killian, much to the dismay of his fellow mentees at the Soul Sword Sect. However, this time was different.

Peter had recently displayed his swordsmanship to everyone, revealing that he had broken through to the master level.

His strength had undoubtedly increased.

Therefore, this battle between the two was more captivating than any of their previous fights.

The mentees of the Soul Sword Sect were desperately hoping that Peter could avenge these past insults and vent out all their frustrations.

Meanwhile, the mentees of the Origin Sword Sect were suspecting that Peter was the Sword King’s inheritor. Thus, they hoped that Killian would defeat Peter, demonstrating to the Soul Sword Sect that even if Peter had the Sword King’s inheritance, he would still be ruthlessly dominated by Killian.

The tension between both sides was palpable, In the bustling sword training hall, Peter and Killian had been dueling for quite some time. The mentees from the three sects were clearly emotionally invested.

The Soul Sword Sect’s mentees initially watched the contest with anticipation, hoping that they could vent their pent–up frustration.

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