Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 862

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 862-Successor Of The Sword King Moreover, Peter would most certainly take up the challenge.

He was inherently the type to put on airs, seizing every opportunity to flaunt his abilities. Such a personality, was most susceptible to provocation.

Every time Killian provoked him, Peter would rise to the challenge, leading to numerous occasions where he ended up on the receiving end of Killian’s blows.

Yet, he never seemed to learn his lesson.

“Didn’t Tigger boldly declare that he wanted Peter to act as the stand–in clan leader? Well, we’ll just have to teach Peter a lesson this time, and show Tigger the consequences of messing with us.”

A malicious glint flickered in Caden’s eyes.

Sensing something amiss, Devon furrowed his brows and questioned, “Your intentions, they must be more than just casually teaching Peter a lesson, right?” “Heh, a casual lesson? I want to turn him into a total wreck, one that is even more useless than Tigger!” Devon’s face changed. “You want Killian to destroy Peter’s elixir field?” This idea was simply too outrageous.

If Peter had been just an ordinary disciple of the Soul Sword Sect, damaging his elixir field wouldn’t have been such a grave matter. But Peter was the son of Ruben!

If Ruben were to find out that his son’s elixir field had been destroyed, wouldn’t he go mad?

Caden chuckled coldly. “It will be Killian who took out Peter, what does that have to do with us? As long as we offer Killian the right incentives, he’ll definitely do it.” When the time came, even if Ruben was fully aware that they were the ones who had manipulated Killian into acting as he did, what could he do about it? As a member of the Soul Sword Sect, would he dare to risk his life in a fight against the two major Sword Sects?

After a moment of contemplation, Devon said, “Let’s first seek the opinion of Killian!” Devon ordered someone to fetch Killian over.

In no time, a red–haired young man appeared before the two of them. His sword–like eyebrows slanted into his temples, and his eyes were sharp, revealing a touch of wild arrogance. Even when facing the two Sword Sect leaders, he showed no restraint.

He was robust, carrying a hefty broadsword on his back, secured with animal hide. It wasn’t because he lacked a storage device for his weapon, but rather, it was simply a reflection of his personality.

“Mr. Jaillot, what do you need of me?” Killian slightly bowed to Devon, then straightened his back and asked candidly.

He made no acknowledgement of Caden, who was seated next to Devon.

Killian was the most promising disciple of the Origin Sword Sect. His talent in swordsmanship was exceptional, and his cultivation was just a hair’s breadth away from the Golden Elixir Stage, promising a future of limitless potential.

Hence, he dared to have such audacious confidence.

Even when in the presence of Caden, he showed no fear.

With a meaningful glance, Devon said, “Killian, you’ve been away on a journey of self- discovery recently, so you might not be fully aware of what’s been happening at Sword King Mountain…” “Mr. Jaillot!” Killian interrupted, a heavy displeasure evident in his gaze. “I’ve heard about the general situation,” he said. “Just before I returned to the sect, someone took away the inheritance of Sword King Mountain.” Despite Killian’s rude interruption, Devon didn’t take it to heart. Instead, he spoke with profound meaning. “In fact, I’ve always believed that you are the most deserving of the Sword King’s inheritance. You also have the greatest hope of receiving it, but alas…” With a soft sigh, Devon continued, “Do you know, who was the one to receive the inheritance?” “I’ve heard of two potential candidates. One is Peter from the Soul Sword Sect, and the other is an outsider, rumored to be Tigger from the Rabid Gang.” At that time, the true heir to the Sword King’s inheritance was still unknown. The news had not yet spread, and most of the members from the three major Sword Sects were still in the stage of speculation.

Regardless of what was said, it was certain that it was either Peter or Tigger.

“My guess is that it must be Tigger, because I know Peter well. If I failed to obtain the Sword King’s inheritance, then that deadbeat has even less of a chance. So, it must be Tigger from the Rabid Gang.” With a scoff, Killian spoke with absolute certainty.

Killian was wildly eccentric and brimming with confidence. Having crossed swords with Peter numerous times, he was utterly convinced that there was no way Peter could be the one to inherit the Sword King’s inheritance.

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