Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 858

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 858-Legendary Sword Technique The life energy of a cultivator was as unique as the fingerprints of each individual in the mundane world. Each one was different. As long as Tigger revealed his aura, it would be easy to determine whether he was truly Emrys or not.

Since Sylvia expressed uncertainty, it indicated that when she had entered Sword King Hall earlier, she hadn’t noticed the fluctuations in Tigger’s life energy.

Ameera assumed that was the case.

However, Sylvia gently shook her head and said, “I sensed the fluctuations of his life energy, but they’re different from Emrys. Moreover, that guy was merely in the Energy Cultivation Stage.” Ameera furrowed her brows, asking in confusion, “Given that their life energies are different, it’s clear that Tigger is Tigger, and Emrys is Emrys. They are not the same person at all. So, why did you say earlier that you weren’t sure?” Sylvia was unsure of how to respond to that question either.

She simply had that kind of feeling.

Despite the differences in Tigger’s physique, voice, and life energy aura from Emrys, Sylvia had a peculiar feeling that the man was indeed Emrys.

After all, certain demeanors of theirs were simply strikingly similar.

When Emrys first met Sylvia, his behavior was incredibly flamboyant, strikingly similar to how Tigger had behaved in the Sword King Hall earlier.

It was precisely for that reason that Sylvia said she was unsure.

Otherwise, under normal circumstances, cultivators with distinct auras touldn’t possibly be the same person.

Ameera hummed lightly and said, “You’re just like your father, thinking that all of this is too much of a coincidence. So, subconsciously, you believe that Tigger is Emrys. But the truth is, they are not the same person at all.” “Emrys‘ prospects have been ruined. His greatest achievement in this lifetime would only be reaching the Foundation Stage. He would never be able to advance to the Golden Elixir Stage. In Cloudmist Academy, someone like him is no different from a useless.

If he chooses to return peacefully to the mundane world, he can certainly thrive with his status as a cultivator. However, if he continues to stay in Mount Kushburn, he will leave an unaccomplished life for the rest of his days,” Ameera couldn’t help berate Emrys again. Emrys has truly disappointed me.

Meanwhile, at Soul Sword Sect. Ruben handed Emrys a handwritten copy of the Legendary Sword Technique and said. “This set of Legendary Sword Technique isn’t really a secret among our Three Sword Sects. Back when Sword King Sect was still intact, the inner disciples cultivated this set of sword techniques.

However, this set of sword techniques is rather complex. encomp three distinct sword techniques, namely the Soul Sword Technique. Origin Sword Technique, and Ghost Sword Technique.

Origin Sword Technique, also known as Manic Sword Technique, is ferocious and sharp, as its name suggests. The technique focuses on straightforward strikes. Ghost Sword Technique, on the other hand, is more deceptive. The killing moves are hidden within the sword. technique. Soul Sword Technique, however, finds a balance between the two, neither too aggressive nor too passive, embodying a sense of effortless grace. Strictly speaking, this Legendary Sword Technique isn’t really of three styles. In fact, it was originally conceived. as a unified whole; all of them were sword techniques enlightened by Heavenly Sword King. However, not everyone can be as competent as Heavenly Sword King. Very few could master these sword techniques left behind by Heavenly Sword King in its entirety. It is so complex that it is often better to master one technique than to understand the whole superficially.

Therefore, we deconstructed this set of sword techniques afterward. According to the changes in style, we broke it down into three separate sets of sword techniques, as I mentioned. Soul Sword Technique, Origin Sword Technique, and Ghost Sword Technique.” After Ruben’s thorough explanation, everything became crystal clear to Emrys.

To put it simply. Origin Sword Technique was ferocious and direct, exposing its killing moves straightforwardly. Ghost Sword Technique involved more strategies, that is, feints, with the killing move hidden within those feints. Lastly, Soul Sword Technique served as a transition between the two.

Emrys was able to roughly deduce the process of the Sword King Sect’s disintegration.

After the Legendary Sword Technique was divided into three parts, it indirectly separated. the disciples of the Sword King Sect into three sword technique factions. Over time, as their philosophies clashed, they eventually evolved into what were now known as Soul Sword Sect, Origin Sword Sect, and Spirit Sword Sect.

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