Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 855

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 855-Exposing Emrys If the two had taken their time to get to know each other, Sylvia might not have been so resistant. However, Emrys‘ actions were simply too brash and straightforward, leaving Sylvia struggling to accept them.

She was startled by Emrys and didn’t dare to spend any more time alone with Emrys.

She was just about to bid farewell and leave, but the moment she turned around, she suddenly caught a glimpse of a hint of mockery flashing in Emrys‘ eyes, hidden beneath his mask.

That was a kind of mockery filled with teasing.

It seemed as though he deliberately orchestrated everything that had just transpired.

He intentionally used this method to humiliate me. Why did he do that? Sylvia’s delicate body trembled slightly as the image of a person surfaced in her mind.

The person was none other than Emrys. That’s right. It’s Emrys! The man standing before me, known as Tigger, is different from Emrys in both stature and voice. However, his gaze bears an uncanny resemblance. Perhaps I should say that their gazes are identical.

Moreover, Sylvia simply couldn’t fathom who, other than Emrys, could bear a grudge against her and choose to toy with her in such a manner.

Emrys is the only person who would do that! This Tigger is Emrys! That thought grew increasingly steadfast in Sylvia’s mind, so much so that it led her to make an unprecedentedly bold decision.

“I’ll stay to serve you!” Sylvia turned back around, her beautiful eyes fixed on Emrys as she spoke.

Emrys said with a smile, “Is that so? You’re indeed not a frivolous woman, Ms.

Morris. Instead, you feigned modesty at first and then let loose. You truly have a unique character.” Sylvia bit her red lips tightly, fully aware that Emrys was deliberately mocking her.

Seeing Emrys gradually approaching, Sylvia hastily uttered, “I can stay and be with you, and from then on, I’ll be your woman. But before that, I need you to remove your mask first.” Emrys halted in his tracks, and the look in his eyes became laced with a hint of peculiarity. I was wondering why her demeanor suddenly changed. So, she’s actually questioning my identity. The fact that she dares to make such a bold decision clearly indicates that she’s quite confident in her speculation. It seems my acting skills are not up to par. I need to practice and refine them further When Sylvia saw Emrys halt, that only served to augment her speculation. Her voice took on a clearer, more resolute tone as she said, “Since I’ve decided to be your woman, surely I deserve the right to see your face, don’t I?” Emrys had mastered the Shapeshifting Technique, allowing him to alter both his physique and appearance. The changes in his physique were more significant, given the numerous bones in his body, which provided ample room for manipulation.

However, changes in his appearance could only be subtly adjusted. If one were to observe carefully, they would be able to recognize him.

That was also why, even after Emrys had employed the Shapeshifting Technique, he still chose to wear a mask. It was his way of being cautious.

If Sylvia were to see his face beneath the mask, she would undoubtedly recognize his identity.

Emrys hesitated slightly.

Sylvia seized his moment of hesitation and said, “Mr. Griffins, you’re not about to tell me that there’s some compelling reason why you dare not remove your mask, are you? Or is it that you’re afraid I might recognize you?” A smug smile played at the corners of Sylvia’s lips as if she already had the victory in her grasp.

Just moments ago, Emrys had displayed an overbearing, ruffian–like demeanor toward her. Yet, at that moment, she found herself willingly moving closer to him.

The tables had turned.

Before, Emrys had the advantage. Now, the roles had reversed.

“Ms. Morris, you just want to see what I look like, don’t you? Very well, but you’ll have to remove this mask yourself!” After Emrys finished speaking with a profound undertone, he suddenly strode over to a wide chair nearby.

He sat down, leaned casually against it, and began to observe Sylvia with an odd, inscrutable gaze.

He had never considered concealing his identity in front of Sylvia.

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