Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 853

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 853-Deeply Grateful Only then did Peter manage to restrain his natural instincts. Yet, his narrowed eyes never left Sylvia for a moment, clearly captivated by her stunning beauty.

After all, she was a woman who bore over ninety percent resemblance to Ninette. How could she not be stunning?

“Greetings, Mr. Ruben, Mr. Peter!” said Sylvia.

Sylvia was born in Cloudmist Academy, a place renowned for its profound literary heritage. Her manners were naturally refined and appropriate, reflecting the grace and poise that was expected of her upbringing.

After studying her, Ruben’couldn’t help but marvel in admiration. What a wonderful young lady she is. It’s a pity that her mother is Ameera, a status– conscious woman. One way or other, her mother inevitably have some influence on her.

With a gentle smile, Ruben said, “Ms. Morris, this is Mr. Griffins, the chosen successor of Heavenly Sword King.” In truth, he didn’t need to say it. After politely exchanging greetings, Sylvia had already shifted her gaze onto Emrys, studying him intently.

Before Sylvia entered Sword King Hall, Ameera had instructed her to perform two tasks. Apart from trying to get on good terms with the heir of Sword King Hall as much as possible, there was another more crucial objective, which was to probe whether he was truly Emrys or not.

After all, everything too coincidental.

Not long after Wyatt had handed over the sword statutte to Emrys startling news emerged that a successor had appeared at Sword King Mountain, a place, that had been silent for decades.

Even though Ameera kept insisting that it couldn’t possibly be Emrys, deep down, she was filled with uncertainty.

The same was true for Sylvia.

She was a bundle of contradictions. On the one hand, she hoped that Sword King’s inheritor was Emrys, yet on the other, she was unsure of how she should feel or react if it truly turned out to be him.

As Sylvia found herself lost in thought, she was abruptly brought back to reality by the unfamiliar voice of a young man. “Ms. Morris, isn’t it a bit inappropriate to stare at me like this upon our first meeting?” The voice didn’t seem to belong to Emrys, but Sylvia was not so naive.

For a cultivator, altering one’s tone by controlling the voice was not really a difficult task.

Regaining her composure, Sylvia apologized, “I’m sorry, Mr. Griffins. I was momentarily lost in thought because your figure and aura reminded me so much of a friend of mine. It’s uncanny.” “If I have inadvertently offended you, Mr. Griffins, I sincerely hope you will not take it to heart.” As she spoke, her clear eyes were intently fixed on Emrys‘ gaze.

Since Emrys was wearing a mask, Sylvia could only gauge his emotional shifts through his actions.

Emrys couldn’t help but sneer inwardly.

He had practiced Shapeshifting Technique, altering his physical form. Using the Soul Cloak Stone, he had also disguised his aura. Therefore, the familiarity Sylvia claimed to sense was nothing more than a blatant lie.

The purpose of saying that, of course, was to test Emrys.

Indeed, she was a true testament to being raised single–handedly by Ameera.

At first glance, she appeared as pure as a goody two–shoes, but in reality, she was quite the cunning little vixen.

However, her little schemes were simply insignificant in front of Emrys, and there wasn’t even the slightest flicker in Emrys‘ gaze.

Peter took the initiative, eagerly saying, “Ms. Morris, there’s no need to be so formal. Tigger is a very approachable person, he surely wouldn’t take offense… Ah!” Before he could finish his sentence, a sudden scream of terror erupted.

While Ruben was tugging at Peter’s ear, he looked at Emrys and the others with an apologetic gaze. “Tigger, Ms. Morris, please continue your conversation.” After saying that, he dragged Peter out of the grand hall.

Naturally, the elder from Soul Sword Sect also tactfully followed him out.

Only Emrys and Sylvia remained in the grand hall. The atmosphere subtly shifted, becoming somewhat delicate. Ultimately, it was Emrys who broke the silence, asking, “Ms. Morris, why are you so eager to see me?” He was simply playing dumb, fully aware of the situation.

Sylvia’s voice was soft and gentle as she responded, “I enjoy making friends, so I’m deeply grateful that you are willing to take the time to meet with me, Mr.


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