Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 848

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 848-Flaunt “Kid, accepting the inheritance only means you have great potential, but with your current strength, you’re not enough to flaunt in front of me!” shouted Caden.

Devon looked equally displeased. “Same here!” “How audacious!” Ruben roared angrily as soon as they spoke. “The one chosen by the Sword King is not someone you can offend. Do you even have respect for the Heavenly Sword King?” When Ruben used the Celestial Sword King to pressure them, the faces of both Caden and Devon changed. However, Caden quickly said, “It’s not disrespect.

It’s just that we feel this person is unworthy of the Sword King’s inheritance.” Devon added, “Same here, I disagree!” “Humph! Whether he’s worthy or not is not for you to decide. Since the Sword King approves of him, he must have his unique qualities. By disagreeing, are you defying the Sword King’s energy ions?” Ruben snorted.

“Not defying, just questioning. Even if the Sword King were here, I would still express my opinion. When did offering suggestions become defiance?” Caden retorted.

“As for you, Ruben, this kid hasn’t even taken up the position of the new sect master yet, and you’re actively kissing up to him. Could it be you’re trying to groom him as a puppet to satisfy your personal desires?” Caden sneered at Ruben.

Ruben’s face flushed with anger. He retorted vehemently, “That’s utter nonsense!” “Oh? Since it’s not to satisfy your personal desires, then tell us, how can this insignificant cultivator at the Energy Cultivation Stage become the leader of our three sects and gain. the respect of everyone?” Caden challenged.

“Well…” For a moment, Ruben was at a loss for words.

Emrys currently emitted the aura of a cultivator at the Energy Cultivation Stage.

This was because of the Soul Cloak Stone, which disguised his own cultivation aura. However, Ruben and the others were unaware of this and assumed that Emrys was truly at the Energy Cultivation Stage.

This also puzzled Ruben. How could the person recognized by the Sword King be just a cultivator at the Energy Cultivation Stage?

In Mount Kushburn, a place dominated by cultivators, someone in the Energy Cultivation Stage was the lowest–level cultivator!

Moreover, considering Kmrys‘ age, although his appearance couldn’t be discerned clearly, judging by his body shape, he must be at least twenty years old!

A twenty–year–old at the Energy Cultivation Stage was practically useless!

Ruben had also wondered about this, but he remembered the purpose left by the Heavenly Sword King and didn’t dwell on the issue, believing that Emrys must have his unique qualities to receive the Sword King’s inheritance.

“Heh, since Ruben can’t answer this question, let the main character respond. A waste like you at the Energy Cultivation Stage, what qualifications do you have to receive the Sword King’s inheritance? What ability do you have to gain everyone’s respect?” Caden mocked, turning his disdainful gaze toward Emrys, approaching with an intimidating demeanor.

Frowning. Ruben asked, “Caden, what are you trying to do?” Caden paused for a moment, then smirked. “I’m inheritor, I wonder if the Heavenly Sword Kirious. If we were to kill an unqualified Mountain.” With that, he continued to advance toward Emrys, his cold smile becoming more intense.

Sword energy condensed, revealing a grandmaster level.

The sword energy pointed directly at Emrys.

“Caden, you’re out of your mind!” Ruben’s face changed drastically, and he quickly leaped to Emrys‘ side, releasing his own sword energy, also a grandmaster level, fiercely clashing with Caden’s sword energy.

“You said this kid has unique qualities, Ruben. Let him show us what he’s got and open my eyes!” Devon spoke up.

Stepping forward, he stood side by side with Caden, unleashing another burst of grandmaster level sword energy.

Ruben let out a stifled grunt, his face taking on a particularly unpleasant expression.

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