Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 846

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 846-Relieved Immediately. Devon seemed to let out a sigh of relief and said, “Haha, Ruben, you got excited too early. The inheritor of the Sword King is not your son at all, but this… Tigger here.” Caden’s face also softened slightly.

Judging by the expressions of these two, they seemed much more balanced after knowing that Peter wasn’t the inheritor.

This was a completely normal shift in emotions.

Although the three major sword sects shared the same origin and were all created around Sword King Mountain, since they were divided into three sects, there were naturally conflicts in their beliefs.

Sword King Mountain was jointly owned by the three major sword sects, and so was the inheritance.

If Ruben’s Peter became the inheritor of the Sword King, the other two major sword sects, the Origin Sword Sect and the Spirit Sword Sect, would definitely feel uncomfortable.

But if the identity of the inheritor fell into the hands of an outsider, such as Tigger from the Rabid Gang, it would be the most acceptable result for the three major sword sects.

It would be the best for an outsider to receive the inheritance.

Moreover, this outsider had been personally evaluated by the Sword King himself, and no one had the right to refute that.

Ruben’s mood indeed became much lower, but he was an optimistic person and soon accepted this reality.

Seeing the two gloating, Ruben patted Peter’s shoulder with satisfaction and said, “Peter, no matter what, you are now a swordmaster. If you meet the children of these two gentlemen in the future, be considerate.” Devon and Caden’s mouths twitched suddenly.

But Ruben didn’t care about what these two were thinking. After regaining some ground, he looked warmly at Emrys and said, “Mr. Griffins, from now on, you are…” the suddenly paused, turned around, and slapped Peter’s head, scolding.

“From now on. you’re not allowed to call Mr. Griftias as “gger? That’s inappropriate of you!” Peter felt extremely wronged and sast. If not Tigger, then what?” “The sect leader, Mr. Griffins!” Peter thought his calling Emrys Tigger” while his father called Emrys “Mr.

Griffins” confused the hierarchy, hence the scolding from his father.

However, Ruben said he was the sect leader.

Was his father going to abdicate and hand over the position of the head of the Soul Sword Sect to Emrys?

Peter was shocked.

Devon and Caden beside him also had changed expressions, their eyes flickering. wondering what was going on.

Emrys looked at Ruben in surprise and asked, “Why are you calling me the sect leader?” Ruben smiled and said. “Mr. Grittins, this matter is a long story. Let’s go down the mountain first and talk slowly in the Sword King Hall.” After he finished speaking, he glanced at Devon and Caden, his words laden with profound implications, “Gentlemen, the decision to come to the Sword King Hall entirely up to you!*

The two of them remained in silence.

The expressions on their faces were not particularly pleasant.

“Mr. Griffins, this way, please.” Ruben behaved very respectfully and naturally, not like he was pretending.

Emrys nodded and decided to go to the Sword King Hall with him to hear what was going on.

At the foot of Sword King Mountain, a crowd had gathered, all craning their necks and gazing up with curiosity.

“They are coming down!” someone shouted.

Everyone squinted their eyes, trying to extend their vision to see who the inheritor of the Sword King was.

“Besides the heads of the three major sword sects, only those two people came down from the mountaintop. I wonder which one of them it is.” “That chubby young man is called Peter, the son of the head of the Soul Sword Sect. He is also a famous sword genius of the Soul Sword Sect. He’s probably the inheritor.” “I think so too. What about the masked person? What’s their identity?” “They say he’s Tigger Griffins from the Rabid Gang. I’ve never heard of such a gang before. It’s probably something he made up.”

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