Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 841

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 841-Fake Name In the blink of an eye, the sword energy vanished.

Peter had no idea what had happened. He only felt the world turn stark white, and he didn’t dare to open his eyes.

He hadn’t noticed that beneath Emrys‘ mask, at the center of his forehead, a faint azure imprint was continuously flickering. However, compared to the surrounding white, it seemed insignificant.

This imprint was bestowed upon Emrys back when he obtained the Azure King’s will inheritance. It was etched onto his forehead, usually invisible, only revealing itself just now.

It was this very imprint that hinted to Emrys, prompting him to shatter the statue of the Sword King.

“So you’re the one the Azure King acknowledged? I’m curious to see what makes you so exceptional!” A voice, full of vigor, suddenly echoed in Emrys‘ mind. Following that, he felt a sensation. similar to being immersed in an ocean of sword energy.

It seemed as if only Emrys could perceive the sword energy that had just burst forth only to vanish in an instant, as it was currently relentlessly assaulting his body.

This was the Sword King’s test!

Emrys had already been through numerous trials, so he knew this was yet another test. His heart surged with elation as he gritted his teeth, enduring the excruciating paint brought on by the rampant sword energy.

The first to sense the anomaly at Sword King Mountain were the sect leaders of the Three Sword Sects: Ruben Laverick of the Soul Sword Sect, Devon Jaillot of the Origin Sword Sect, and Caden Salazar of the Spirit Sword Sect. They all hurriedly gathered along with numerous elders from the various sword sects.

Looking up at the brilliant white light atop the mountain, their expressions were all filled with solemnity.

The disciples of the various sword sects, who had previously been trying to gain insight. into the sword–energy on the mountain stairs, had all retreated to the foot of the mountain.

They had actually been pushed down.

At that moment, it seemed as if an invisible barrier had risen around Sword King Mountain. Anyone who dared to approach would be met with an overwhelming sense of resistance.

The leaders of the Three Sword Sects attempted to ascend the mountain steps, but they couldn’t even step onto the lowest one.

“Who was on the mountain peak just now?” Caden asked with a serious expression.

The majority of the disciples around him fell into silence.

Most of them had been halfway up the mountain, engrossed in understanding the sword energy, so they were completely oblivious to what was happening above them. After a moment, a disciple who had been at a higher altitude responded, “I think it was Peter Laverick.” “Peter Laverick?” In an instant, everyone’s gaze turned toward Ruben, the sect leader of the Soul Sword Sect.

He was Peter’s father.

Ruben wore a look of confusion, wondering if the strange occurrences on Sword King Mountain could really be related to his son.

“Besides Peter, I remember there was another person.

“Who?” “I’m not sure of his real identity. All I remember is he wore a mask.” A mask?

Standing nearby, an administrator from Sword King Mountain suddenly had a realization and blurted out, “I remember that man. According to him, he’s from the Rabid Gang and goes by the name of Tigger Griffins.” It was already strange enough to be wearing a mask, but add to that the bizarre name of the gang, and the arbitrary name, it was hard not to leave a deep impression.

The Rabid Gang! Tigger Griffins?

The leaders of the Three Sword Sects were momentarily taken aback before disbelieving expressions took over their faces. Clearly, they didn’t think these were the actual names of a real person and faction.

Regardless, at that moment, they were utterly helpless. No matter who the masked man was, they could only wait until the strange phenomena at Sword King Mountain had ceased.

The strange phenomenon at the peak of Sword King Mountain persisted for approximately fifteen minutes.

The mountain trembled for a moment. Following that, the dazzling sphere of white light suddenly transformed into a massive pillar, piercing the heavens.

This spectacle was just like that day at the Crimson Sun Sect, when the inheritor of the Azure King’s will had emerged.

The vanished sword energy transformed into an endless ocean, rippling out once more. Centered around Sword King Mountain, it spread in an instant, enveloping the surrounding Three Sword Sects.

The sword energy was incredibly potent, yet it wasn’t aggressive. Otherwise, countless. disciples from the three sword sects would have been injured or even killed.

“I–Is this the Sword King’s inheritance?”

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