Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 834

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 834-Silenced By A Passionate Kiss Under current circumstances, if he insisted on marrying Ninette, or decided to leave with her, he would undoubtedly have a fallout with Ameera. That was not the ideal outcome.

“I shouldn’t have agreed to return to the Morris residence in the first place,” Ninette said aggrievedly.

She felt deceived, having readily agreed to return to the Morris residence because of Emrys‘ promise that no one could go against her wishes wherever she was.

Now, it’s clear that things are going against my wishes. Once I return to the Morris residence, leaving won’t be easy. Ameera will surely not let me go easily.

Emrys was overwhelmed with mixed emotions.

He hadn’t anticipated the incident at the Thundercloud Marsh. Now, his golden elixir field. was shattered and his cultivation had regressed, that was a fact. He didn’t deign to hide the matter of his shattered golden elixir field from Ameera and make it seem as if he was tricking Ninette into marriage.

What he hoped for was that when he once again made a powerful entrance into Mount Kushburn, everyone would wholeheartedly bless his union with Ninette.

This was taking the greatest responsibility for Ninette.

Another crucial factor was that Ninette might feel somewhat uncomfortable remaining in the Morris residence, but it was safe and most conducive to her cultivation.

“Do you also believe that I’ll never rise again with my golden elixir field shattered? Do you have so little faith in me?” he questioned.

“No way…” “Isn’t that fine, then? Since you trust me, just wait a little longer. The next time I return to the Morris residence, I will prove to everyone with my actions that your patience was worth it,” he vowed.

“But…” Just as Ninette was about to say something, she was silenced by a passionate kiss. The strange sensation left her weak and trembling as if struck by a jolt of electricity.

She gave up on speaking and immersed herself in Emrys‘ passionate kiss.

Watching at the side, Sylvia felt her cheeks burning and couldn’t help but swallow hard.

Meanwhile, Ameera’s eyes widened with displeasure, yet she did not intervene.

Her current situation was extremely awkward, and any further comments would only intensify Ninette’s resentment toward her As long as it serves that purpose, let them kiss!

Emrys held Ninette’s delicate body tightly, fervently savoring the warmth from her fragrant, soft lips. It was a long time before they reluctantly parted, According to an old saying, no conflict between lovers couldn’t be resolved with a single attempt. If one attempt didn’t work, then try twice.

At that moment, their eyes were locked on each other. Naturally, Emrys couldn’t be so forthright. He could only resort to a passionate kiss as a substitute in ultimately achieving the same effect.

As expected. Ninette became much more obedient.

Emrys asked softly, “Do you remember what Delia said when she dragged you and Caylie into the room?” “Yes,” Ninette replied with a nod.

That day, Cordelia fold them that they needed to keep pace with Emrys and not become at burden to him.

Naturally, Ninette remembered those words.

Even though Emrys was in the living room back then and Cordelia had tightly shut her bedroom door, it couldn’t prevent him from hearing. Their conversation, every single word, fell precisely into his ears.

He realized that the seemingly aloof and reserved Cordelia also had a sensitive and thoughtful side to her, and her considerations were incredibly profound.

Emrys was truly touched.

“So, stay put in the Morris residence. Don’t be temperamental, and don’t resent your mom. All you need to do is fully utilize the cultivation resources available here and wait for me to return to you,” Emrys advised, casually adding, “Just look at how understanding Caylie is.” “Got it!” As soon as Emrys compared her to her sisters, Ninette had an immediate realization. Clenching her small fists, she declared, “I won’t throw tantrums. I will train hard and won’t lose to Caylie.” “That’s a good girl!” Emrys praised.

“Can I hold you in my arms as we sleep tonight, just to fulfill my little wish, is that okay?” Ninette pleaded pitifully, shaking his arm as she spoke.

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