Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 832

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 832-Godson This was Emrys’s bottom line.

And so, Emrys became furious. His domineering and terrifying aura instantly caused Ameera’s eyes to tremble, a hint of horror surfacing within them.

If Emrys’s golden elixir field hadn’t shattered, Ameera would never have dared to provoke him so recklessly. Unfortunately, his golden elixir field was broken.

Even though he still had an imposing demeanor, his strength had already diminished to the foundational level.

Ameera quickly composed herself and said, “I’m not threatening you, I’m merely helping you distinguish between self–interest and lack of empathy. By

persuading you to leave Ninette voluntarily now, I am showing the pursuit of benefits, but it is not lacking in human feelings. If I truly lacked understanding of human feelings, I wouldn’t waste my breath here with you but would directly spread your deeds. That way, Spirit Sword Sect and the Judd family would naturally deal with you. After all, we’ve known each other for a while, and you are Ninette’s godbrother. I can’t do something drastic.” Ameera’s words were well–reasoned, admitting that she pursued benefits but never admitting that she lacked understanding of human feelings.

Emrys sneered sarcastically and asked, “From what you said, should I thank you for keeping my secret?” “There’s no need to thank me. I just hope you can understand my good intentions, and I hope you can awaken to the truth and voluntarily leave Ninette.

Of course, if you don’t want to leave…” Ameera paused for a moment, as if a brilliant idea had just occurred to her.

“Since you are Ninette’s godson, I don’t mind you staying in the Morris family. I can recognize you as my godson, which won’t treat you unfairly.” Recognizing Emrys as her godson would impose another ethical restraint on him. In the future, if he wanted to be with Ninette, he would have to bear more moral pressure.

Ameera’s idea was good, but what she didn’t know was that Emrys never cared about these things.

“One won’t regret listening to a wise man. But I have a better suggestion,” Emrys suddenly said with a smile.

Ameera thought he had finally come to his senses and asked, “What’s your suggestion?” “How about I stay in the Morris family and act as your godfather? It seems safer than me being your godson. After all, I couldn’t possibly harbor any inappropriate thoughts towards my own god–granddaughter, could I?” Ameera almost crushed the armrest of her chair in anger and said indignantly, “Emrys. don’t know what’s good for you!” “It’s you who doesn’t know what’s good for you.” Compared to Ameera’s fury, Emrys was considerably more composed. He spoke in a calm, collected manner. “Ameera, I wonder if you’ve ever heard the saying. People will change, so don’t look down on someone when they have nothing!” Success would give you fake fans, but failure would give you true fans.

Ameera was the perfect embodiment of this statement.

Emrys had no interest in further arguing with this woman. He calmly stated, “There’s no need for you to rush me. As soon as dawn breaks tomorrow, I’ll leave the Morris family on my own.” “Is that really so?” Ameera was somewhat incredulous. Just moments ago, Emrys had been arguing with her so adamantly. How had he suddenly given in?

Out of caution, Ameera said, “You’re leaving alone. Ninette must stay behind.” Emrys looked at her mockingly. “Ameera, how lacking in confidence you must be to worry that I will take Ninette away?” Ameera remained silent.

Of course, she was worried.

Although Ninette was her biological daughter, after being separated for so many years, Ninette’s feelings for Emrys must be deeper than those for her own mother.

If Ninette found out that she had driven Emrys away, she would definitely choose to leave the Morris family with Emrys. Even if she resorted to force to keep Ninette, Ninette would surely hold a grudge against her.

Ameera did not wish to witness such a situation.

That was why she sought a way out through Emrys, giving him a reason to leave on his own accord. The wedding could be indefinitely postponed. As long as time stretched on, many things would naturally fade away.

Ameera was an experienced person and had seen many young people like this.

They made solemn vows when they were together, but after being apart for a while, they would seek other pleasures

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