Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 818

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 818-Is It Serious “Rys, you had me worried sick!” Ninette’s eyes were blurred with tears and swollen from crying. Upon seeing Emrys emerge, she immediately flung herself at him, clinging to his body like an octopus.

She was utterly indifferent to the strange looks from those around her.

Just moments ago, she truly believed she would never see Emrys again. If Emrys had died in there, she would have been consumed by guilt, blaming herself for not stopping him.

With a sense of helplessness, Emrys gave her perky bottom a pat. “Don’t I seem perfectly fine to you?” Hollie’s eyes sparkled as she ran up to him, expressing her astonishment, “Bald–headed boy, you’re incredible! I can’t believe you survived that. You should have seen the looks on their faces–their mouths were hanging open in shock!” “Their mouths are still agape,” Emrys said with a laugh.

The scene that had just unfolded was too shocking. All the surrounding students, including Cameron, were left completely dumbfounded, and even now, they hadn’t managed to snap back to reality.

Sylvia wore a complex expression.

Upon seeing Ninette clinging to Emrys, the pang of jealousy that had only recently faded resurfaced in her heart.

Is this the Ultimate Lucky One that the Azure King acknowledged? Despite the devasting lightning strike, he survived and is carrying on as if nothing had happened.

Once again, Sylvia found herself envious of Emrys‘ luck. It wasn’t just his fortune she coveted, but she also admired Ninette. How she wished that it was her, not Ninette, who was wrapped around Emrys at that moment.

It was a rather complex state of mind.

Sylvia was taken aback and said, “Emrys, you were just struck by such a fierce bolt of lightning; are you really feeling no discomfort at all?” Just a moment ago, Emrys was sent flying through the air. If he emerged unscathed, it would be a testament to the extraordinary resilience of his body!

Sylvia would rather have Emrys pretend to be fine at this moment, even if he was just putting on a brave face.

Emrys looked thoughtfully at Sylvia.

He had spent time with her before, and through their various interactions and behaviors, he had come to deeply understand her.

Her heart was not wicked, merely her thoughts were complex. In layman’s terms, she was a walking contradiction.

She was undoubtedly influenced by Ameera.

Upon such comparison, Emrys suddenly felt that it was indeed a blessing in disguise that Ninette had been distanced from the Morris family since her childhood.

“It wouldn’t be accurate to say that nothing happened. My golden elixir field has shattered,” Emrys responded truthfully.

“What Rys, your golden elixir field has shattered?” Upon hearing these words, Ninette immediately jumped off Emrys, her hands clumsily exploring his abdomen. With a worried tone, she exclaimed, “To have even your golden elixir field be destroyed… Is it serious?” Emrys wore an exasperated expression.

The golden elixir field of a cultivator shattered. Would you say that’s a serious matter or not?

With a swift slap, Emrys brushed away Ninette’s small hand. His voice was calm as he said, “Would you rather my golden elixir field shatter or me dying inside there?“.

“Of course, I’d rather have your golden elixir field be shattered,” Ninette responded without any hesitation. Letting out a sigh of relief, she added, “Thank goodness, it’s not so bad. At least you’re still alive, aren’t you?” “That’s the spirit. We should always look on the bright side of things,” Emrys said with a smile.

“Exactly!” Sylvia was truly at a loss for words on how to evaluate the two of them. Emrys‘ golden elixir field was shattered, yet they were still here celebrating. Just how optimistic could they possibly be?

Had it not been for Emrys‘ insistence on venturing into the gray mist, this situation could have been entirely avoided.

She honestly didn’t know what they were celebrating.

However, Sylvia, a figure of complex contradictions, experienced a subtle shift in her emotions once again.

The jealousy and envy that had been so palpable just a moment ago had once again disappeared.

Not far off, Cameron paused in his tracks.

He had been planning to come over and make amends.

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