Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 806

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 806-Braving Thundercloud Marsh At that timely moment, Cameron popped up. Thus, Emrys thought of openly exploring Thundercloud Marsh under the guise of a contest of courage with him.

Emrys leaned in close to Ninette and whispered into her ear, “Don’t worry. I’m not competing with Cameron out of jealousy. It’s because there might be something of great use to me in Thundercloud Marsh. I must venture into it.” “ButNinette wanted to argue further, but Emrys gently caressed her head and coaxed with a smile, “I’ll be fine. Remember that I’m the Ultimate Lucky One. I won’t be struck by lightning so easily.”

That was also why Sylvia never considered stopping Emrys.

The inheritor of Azure King’s will was someone recognized by Azure King himself. Blessed with luck, he probably wouldn’t be easily struck by lightning even if he ventured into the fourth layer of Thundercloud Marsh.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be called the Ultimate Lucky One.

Ninette was well aware of Emrys‘ stubbornness. Once he had made up his mind, no one could dissuade him. She could only caution in resignation, “Just be careful. If something doesn’t feel right, come out immediately. Don’t force your way through.” “Understood, wifey!” Emrys assumed a perfect military stance, then turned his gaze toward Cameron and said, “What do you think of my proposal? If you don’t have the courage, you can concede now. I won’t mock you, and neither will Sylvia. Right, Ms. Morris?” Words eluded Sylvia.

She naturally knew that Emrys was deliberately using her to provoke Cameron.

Cameron was so frustrated that he was gripped by the urge to curse aloud.

He stole a glance at Sylvia but unexpectedly locked gazes with her. Losing his sanity briefly, he gritted his teeth and declared, “Okay! I’ll compete with you!” Anyway, the outer three layers of Thundercloud Marsh are incredibly stable, with no chance of lightning. Even if I were to admit defeat, it would be after reaching the third layer so that I’m not utterly humiliated. Perhaps by then, this punk himself wouldn’t dare step foot into the fourth layer. It’s decided, then. I’ll bite the bullet first. Once I reach the boundary between the third and fourth layers, I would then decide whether to admit defeat.

Cameron furtively gritted his teeth.

“Cameron, what’s wrong? You seem quite upset with your jaw clenched?” A few people headed in his direction.

They were all students attending the same school as Cameron and knew him.

Upon hearing the commotion there, they came over to inquire about things.

With a forced smile, Cameron reassured, “It’s nothing. You must be mistaken.

I’m perfectly fine.” “Really?” The few people wore puzzled expressions.

They asked, “We seem to have overheard you guys talking about some sort of contest earlier?” “No, no… There’s no such thing.” Cameron quickly waved his hands in denial.

It was uncertain whether it was intentional, but at that moment, Hollie explained loudly, “Oh, here’s the thing. Cameron is going to have a contest of courage with someone else. They’ll brave Thundercloud Marsh to see who can venture deeper and stay there longer.” “A contest of courage? Haha, that’s a great idea! Why didn’t we think of this before? Cameron, we’re rooting for you!” “Cameron, you must trust in your luck. Charge forward bravely. Don’t let our class down.” “Exactly, Cameron! You are one of the best in our class. Many people look up to you as their role model. We have faith that you will definitely come out on top.” “No, no, I must gather our classmates over to cheer for you!” Similar sentiments filled the air.

At Cloudmist Academy, aside from their cultivating, the students were often bored. So, when they heard that there was a contest, they were all filled with excitement.

After all, they enjoyed watching contests most.

However, it was martial arts tournaments, the study of martial arts skills, and the like most of the time. There had never been a precedent for a contest of courage such as braving Thundercloud Marsh.

That was something one simply couldn’t afford to miss.

“Cameron, wait a moment. Just wait a moment. I’ll be right back. You must wait until I’ve returned before you start!” Immediately, someone sprinted toward the school to call everyone from Cameron’s class over to watch the excitement and cheer for him. As the person ran, he shouted at the top of his lungs.

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