Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 790

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 790-Pressuring Emrys Ameera spoke with feigned determination.

Emrys paused for a moment, then confidently said, “Your pressure won’t work on me. Nina would never agree to marry another man, at least not now.” That being said, Ameera’s words truly struck a chord in Emrys‘ heart.

It wouldn’t be fair to keep them waiting forever, but how exactly should I go about dealing with this?

Even Karina, who already had an intimate encounter with Emrys, acted as if nothing had happened afterward. Neither of them took the initiative to bring up

the events of that day, afraid that voicing it out would make things awkward.

As for Cordelia, she had, on more than one occasion, expressed to Emrys a love that transcended the bond of siblings, yet there had always been a barrier in her heart.

To overcome this emotional hurdle, it required not only courage but also a special opportunity, much like the unique circumstance that arose when Emrys and Karina became intimate.

Moreover, this opportunity had to appear naturally.

That day, the incident between Emrys and Karina was utterly coincidental. It was purely a contrived opportunity, forced by the two naughty old folks which led to the awkward. situation.

In the end, it did more harm than good.

Emrys sighed to himself.

Feelings were inherently complex, let alone when they had to be divided between seven people.

Emrys was quite troubled by the thought.

Well aware that this was the only opportunity that she had, she continued to pressure him, saying, “In the past, Ninette might have a choice, but since she returned to the Morris family, many things are no longer within her control.” “Are you planning to force her?” 1/3 Emrys‘ face grew a cold.

“This shouldn’t be considered coercion, should it? Since you refuse to marry her, I would naturally choose a good husband for her. You know well that Ninette is far behind others in her cultivation. Marrying an outstanding man could provide her with much–needed. assistance. I’m only doing this with her best interest in mind.” While keeping an eye on Emrys‘ expression, Ameera probed further.

Emrys knew that this cunning woman was using reverse psychology on him, but hearing her words still left him feeling upset.

“Ameera, regardless of what you’re planning, if I ever find out that you’ve forced Nina into doing anything against her will, I won’t hesitate to show you no mercy.” As Emrys‘ words fell, a terrifying chill instantly pervaded the air.

An overwhelming aura erupted, unmistakably displaying the power of absolute– phase Golden Elixir Stage.

Emrys was attempting to intimidate Ameera, hence he unreservedly put on a show of strength. He wanted Ameera to remember not to test his limits.

In the depths of Ameera’s eyes, a hint of shock flickered.

He’s actually achieved absolute–phase Golden Elixir Stage?

It would be an understatement to say that Ameera shocked.

She had personally witnessed Emrys overwhelm Rodney back then. She knew that Emrys was very powerful, but she had assumed that at most, Emrys was only a stage higher than Rodney–late–phase Golden Elixir Stage.

Who would have thought, it turned out to be absolute–phase Golden Elixir Stage.

Due to the scarcity of spirit energy, once cultivators reached Golden Elixir Stage, the gap between each minor cultivation stage was as vast as an insurmountable chasm.

Being in Golden Elixir Stage at the age of twenty, one was considered a genius; being in late–phase Golden Elixir Stage at the same age made one a freak of nature; but to reach absolute–phase of Golden Elixir Stage, one was considered the ultimate freak among freaks.

Thus, it wasn’t surprising that Emrys was chosen by Azure King.

2/3 A wave of emotions surged within Ameera, but she quickly composed herself, her face easing into an apologetic smile. “My dear Emrys,” she said, “please don’t be upset. I was joking with you.” “This joke isn’t really funny.” “Indeed, indeed it’s not. Since you do not appreciate it, I will never make such a joke again. This time, I’ve made a mistake. I will punish myself with three slaps on the face.” Slap! Slap! Slap!

Surprisingly, Ameera had actually slapped herself three times. On her fair and firm skin, several bright red handprints quickly emerged.

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