Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 786

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 786-Impending Escape Of Demon Wolf This was the secret of the totem family.

After careful contemplation. Mitchell decided not to reveal this secret to Emrys.

Although he had defied the Wheeler family and released Abigail without permission, deep down, he was still profoundly fearful of Demon Wolf.

At that moment, the wheeler residence was still enveloped in an oppressive aura.

It seemed as though a storm was approaching, causing everyone to feel downcast.

Moreover, this sense of oppression was growing increasingly intense. It seemed as if everyone could feel the surging fury of Demon Wolf.

It was utterly terrifying.

“Tyler, come to the forbidden blood pool immediately!” The ferocious roar of Demon Wolf suddenly erupted.

Tyler trembled violently. He knew that something must have happened to those who had gone out in pursuit. Otherwise, Demon Wolf would not have been so enraged. Moreover, he had even summoned him to the forbidden blood pool.

Tyler didn’t dare to waste any time.

The forbidden blood pool was located at the center of a solemn–looking main hall. Normally, no one dared to approach it, for fear of showing disrespect to Demon Wolf.

Tyler had practically scrambled his way to the forbidden blood pool.

The pungent smell of blood hit him right in the face.

“Tyler, you can’t even handle such a small matter. You’re truly useless!” The howl of the demon wolf reverberated throughout the main hall.

Tyler was so terrified that he nearly peed his pants. In his desperation, he kowtowed. against the edge of the blood pool, pleading, “Spare me, Lord Demon Wolf! Spare me, Lord Demon Wolf! I’m incompetent… I’m useless…” Impending Escape Of Demon Wolf “Bring over ten family members immediately for the sacrifice!” Ten people!

Tyler’s heart was stricken with terror.

In the past, only one person needed to be sacrificed each year. However, those individuals, all of whom possessed exceptionally pure bloodlines, were meticulously chosen by Demon Wolf.

This year, it was Abigail’s turn.

Who would have known that such an unexpected incident would occur.

Now that Abigail had run away, ten members of the Wheeler family were required to replace her as the sacrifice.

Tyler pleaded, “Lord Demon Wolf, I beg you to grant me a little more time. I will surely capture Abigail and complete the sacrifice within the stipulated time.” “I’ve run out of patience. Do as I say immediately, or I’ll make you the first sacrifice!” “Yes, yes, I’ll take care of it right away!” Tyler was terrified beyond measure, leaving the grand hall at breakneck speed.

With remarkable efficiency, he managed to bring back ten members of the Wheeler family.

They had already guessed what was going to happen… Thus, everyone was trembling uncontrollably.

Among them, a small number were fervent followers of Demon Wolf. They believed that being able to be offered as a sacrifice to the great Demon Wolf was an honor, hence they trembled with excitement.

As for the majority, they were steeped in fear.

Usually, they might shout slogans, claiming that becoming the favorite child of Demon Wolf was a tremendous honor. However, when it was actually their turn, all of them were scared to death.

Jumpt Tyler didn’t care whether they were excited or scared. He coldly commanded, “Jump!” Splash! Splash! Splash!

impending Escape Of Demon Wat?

80% 11:54 The fervent believers, without any hesitation, leaped into the blood pool. The moment they made contact, their bodies were shattered by a mysterious force.

They transformed into a mist of blood, gently sinking Those who were left were filled with horror. They became even more terrified upon witnessing this scene. Their legs turned to jelly, their courage crushed.

“Go down!” Without showing any mercy, Tyler tossed them down one by one.

There were continuous screams of horror.

However, it didn’t last long.

Once the blood mist dispersed, silence returned to the scene.

At the very bottom of the blood pool, there was a disc–shaped object, its edges filled with peculiar symbols. All the other symbols had already been illuminated, leaving only the last one.

As these individuals made their sacrifices, the final formation mark finally glowed.

In the very center of the disk, a pair of ferocious wolf eyes slowly emerged.

“For over twenty years, I could only break one seal each year. Today, the final seal has finally been shattered by ninety percent. My escape from this blood pool is imminent! Hahaha…”

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