Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 776

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 776-Spirit Fire Seeing Trey acting so arrogantly, even at a time like this, Emrys couldn’t help but furrow his brows.


He stomped his foot down.

One of Trey’s legs was crushed.

Initially, Trey let out a horrific scream, but swiftly after, he revealed a defiant sneer that was both fierce and unyielding. It seemed as though no matter how

much Emrys tormented him, he always wore an expression of relentless dissatisfaction.

“… showed some strength, but it’s ineffective in front of me.” Emrys shook his head, revealing several acupuncture needles in his hand. He then proceeded to insert them into various acupoints on Trey’s body, one after another.

It was indeed the reverse version of the Needle of Ninth Revival.

Although Trey was a cultivator, his life energy was sealed at the moment, making him not much different from an ordinary person.

As each fine needle pierced down, it instantly elicited a blood–curdling scream from Trey, akin to a pig being slaughtered.

However, he was still enduring.

His teeth were clenched tightly, and his veins bulged with tension.

Cold sweat trickled down.

Emrys had already inserted the tenth needle, and Trey was still enduring.

True to their reputation as cultivators, their endurance was indeed stronger than that of ordinary people and martial artists.

Suddenly, Emrys had a better idea, a sly smile creeping onto his face.

He was seen pulling out all ten of those acupuncture needles.

1/3 JMMG BM Chapter 776 Spirit Fire Hiss!

Im 11:51 Suddenly, a string of flames surged from the index finger of his right hand.

Trey paused momentarily, feeling the flame’s essence, his face filled with fear as he exclaimed, “Is this… spirit fire? How could your fingers possibly produce spirit fire?” Trey had never seen such a bizarre sight before!

The spirit fire, a mystical entity born between heaven and earth, had already attained spiritual wisdom. Its power was incomparable to that of ordinary flames.

Even a cultivator’s life energy could be burnt to nothingness when encountering this kind of spirit fire.

Sky Devourer Lord, astonishingly, is able to ignite the spirit fire with just a flick of his finger… It’s simply too absurd!

It was unheard of to Trey.

L Emrys said with a smile, “As I’ve mentioned, your understanding of me is merely superficial As he spoke, he held a fine needle in his left hand, swiftly sweeping it about ten centimeters above the spirit fire. In an instant, the acupuncture needle was glowing red- hot.

If not carefully controlled, this flame’s intensity could easily have melted the needle.

Emrys examined the acupuncture needle closely, nodding in satisfaction before he began to approach Trey.

Trey trembled in fear, “What… What are you trying to do? Ah!” Not to mention the scorching heat of the needle, it was also imbued with the aura of a spirit fire. As soon as it pierced him, Trey cursed loudly, his body jolting up as if in a reflexive response.

Emrys showed no mercy as he pushed him back.

He was extremely satisfied with this outcome.

Compared to the typical reverse version of the Needle of Ninth Revival, this one needle 2/3 Chapter 776 Spirit Fire was now equivalent to the previous ten.

Wasn’t your patience as a cultivator quite strong? Fm curious to see how long you can hold out Emrys picked up the second hair–thin needle, passing it over the spirit fire.

Then he pierced into Trey’s acupoint.

Trey’s entire face began to turn purple, desperately mobilizing the life energy within his body, contemplating self–destruction.

The self–destruction of a Foundation Stage cultivator, although not as powerful as a Golden Elixir Stage self–destruction, could only be used for suicide. Unlike the Golden Elixir Stage, it couldn’t harm the opponent as well.

However, Trey was now contemplating suicide.

His current feeling was akin to being worse than death. He felt it might be better to be dead.

Unfortunately his life energy had long been sealed off, making it far from easy for him to end his life successfully.

Emrys had already taken out the third acupuncture needle.

Finally, Trey was terrified. He convulsed wildly and blurted out, “I’ll talk, I’ll talk!

Sky Devourer Lord, whatever you want to know, I’ll tell you everything. As long as you can grant me a swift end, ah-” He let out another agonizing scream, nearly rolling his eyes back in extreme distress.

D*mn it! Didn’t I agree to tell you everything? Why are you still hiding things?

Trey was having a mental breakdown.

Emrys‘ face showed a hint of apology as he said, “Hehe, my apologies, my apologies. I acted too quickly. If you had spoken up sooner, wouldn’t you have avoided this pain? You really brought this on yourself

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