Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 527

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 527-Strong Liquor As soon as the jar lid was opened, a delightful aroma filled the air.

Athos couldn’t help but salivate.

However, he refrained from drinking because he suspected that Emrys had ulterior motives.

At that moment, Emrys took the initiative to pour a glass and handed it to Athos with a smile. He said, “Master, despite all the trouble you’ve put me through, you are still my mentor. You have taught me valuable skills since I was young, and I

can sense that you harbor no ill will towards me. This jar of liquor is a token of respect from your student.” During his time at the monastery, Emrys had come to realize that Athos had a fondness for liquor and indulgence, especially when it came to fine alcohol. It was almost as if he couldn’t resist the sight of it.

Emrys was taking advantage of Athos‘ weakness.

“My dear Emrys, I appreciate your kind gesture. However, I have given up drinking a long time ago.” Athos swallowed his saliva, his gaze fixed on the glass of liquor.

“Really? What a shame!” Emrys pretended to be disappointed and let out a sigh. He then turned to the pub owner and said, “Excuse me, my master has quit drinking. Can we return this jar of liquor?” “You can’t!” The pub owner’s face suddenly darkened. “This liquor is the pride of our establishment. If it weren’t for your generous nature, I wouldn’t have been willing to bring it out. Once this liquor is opened, its flavor diminishes. It cannot be returned! It cannot be returned!” If the pub owner hadn’t caught a glimpse of the supreme VIP card from the Chanaea Chamber of Commerce in Emrys‘ possession just a moment ago, he wouldn’t have brought out the prized liquor.

Emrys glanced at Athos and said, “What a shame… What a shame. Well, could you please help us dispose of it? I will pay as agreed!” “You can’t do that!” Strong Liquor ባሪ 94% 07:49 Athos finally lost his composure when the pub owner was about to discard the liquor. He stood up, firmly held onto the jar, and glared at the pub owner, saying, “This was a gift from my student as a sign of respect. How can you simply throw it away?” “You’re not going to drink it, are you?” “Who said I don’t drink? Can’t I take a sip with my spoon?” Athos promptly dismissed the pub owner, picked up his spoon, dipped it into the glass, and savored the taste in his mouth.

Athos proceeded to have a few spoonfuls.

Ten minutes later, Athos lifted the glass and took a hearty gulp. Tears of gratitude welled up in his eyes. Overwhelmed, he said, “My dear Emrys, you truly understand me. So filial, so very filial…” His voice trailed off into a contented murmur.

Athos downed several mouthfuls of strong liquor. Whether he was intoxicated or not remained uncertain, but it certainly loosened his tongue. Exhaling the scent of alcohol, he said, “My dear Emrys, considering your respectful behavior, feel free to ask any questions. I will answer them one by one.” The change in attitude was astonishingly swift.

Emrys couldn’t be bothered to complain. Instead, he asked the question that had been puzzling him the most, “What is the true nature of the relationship between me and my seven sisters?” With a tipsy smile, Athos replied, “Indeed, it was us who sent you and your seven sisters to the orphanage. We also employed a bit of magic, fostering a deep bond among the eight of you from a young age.” “Just as I expected!” Emrys‘ gaze hardened. “I knew there couldn’t be such a coincidence. Out of all the children in the orphanage, I chose the seven most beautiful ones to be my sisters. I even thought that I had the potential to be a ladies‘ man since I was a child. So it was this group who were behind all this mischief.” With the abilities of a friar, it was indeed a very easy task to make eight naive children develop a fondness for each other.

“What was the purpose of doing this?” Emrys asked.

Athos took another sip of his drink and said, “For that, you’ll have to ask Cassius, my superior. He was the one who instructed us to do so. Several of your sisters were brought back by him from Mount Jacaster.” “Mount Jacaster?” “Yes. You can think of it as a gateway. Beyond that gateway lies the world of cultivators. However, that gateway has been closed for over twenty years, and it’s uncertain when it will open again.” “No, you’re mistaken,” Emrys retorted. “If Mount Jacaster has been closed for over twenty years, then how did the ghost clan manage to escape?” Previously, Emrys had encountered the ghost clan twice. Once, it possessed the body of Angelina’s father, and another time, it took over Diablos‘ body. If Mount Jacaster was truly sealed off, such entities could not have possibly escaped.

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