Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 525

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 525-Presumably, Sky Devourer Lord was annoyed and preparing to make an example out of those jesters, serving as a warning to others.

Therefore, people thought they would spare a few moments of silence for Wilson.

However, the subsequent event that occurred served to directly propel this incident to its climax.

When Wilson received the news of Sky Devourer Lord’s challenge, he was far from terrified. On the contrary, he responded with increasing arrogance, saying, “I’ll be waiting for you. Come to the island and meet your doom!”

Just like that, things escalated quickly.

After Sky Devourer Lord became famous, Wilson’s audacity to challenge him in such a tone was absolutely unprecedented.

In fact, Wilson’s courage was commendable.

At the same time, it filled people from all over the world with anticipation. They were eager to know where Wilson got his confidence to make such bold statements. Could it really be, as he claimed, that he had achieved Divinity?

If that were indeed the case, it would certainly be a revolutionary moment.

After all, the terrifying reputation of Sky Devourer Lord was truly fearsome.

Even though he had never actively invaded any innocent countries, the mere mention of these three words would induce an overwhelmingly suffocating feeling in people.

The words carried the force of divine wrath.

Defying fate, changing one’s destiny, and threatening the balance were the things that most easily ignited a person’s passion.

If Wilson were to survive the battle, he would surely take the world by storm.

Compared to the shock of various forces, at this moment, one of the protagonists of the event, Empyrean Lord, was also seriously and solemnly engaged in a significant matter.

He was eating his meal.

Brave S 区 94% 07:48 He feasted heartily, his mouth gleaming with grease.

There was not the slightest hint of the awe–inspiring demeanor rumored about.

Even the restaurant’s waiter dared to tease him, saying, “Buddy, you’re quite the eater, aren’t you? Do you know gluttony kills more than the sword?” Emrys immediately pushed him down onto the chair. “You’re a kindred spirit.

Shall we dine together?” “Oh, no! I dare not. They might deduct my salary.” Only then did Emrys let him go.

Off to the side, Larissa was overjoyed and laughing heartily. Finally, she could confirm that Emrys had indeed moved on from the incident that had happened before.

He was still that restless, sun–kissed young man.

“Rys, do you think that Wilson from Anglandur could really be a Divinity?” Larissa suddenly asked after a moment.

Clearly, she had also learned about that news.

Emrys responded, “Who cares if he’s achieved Divinity? It’s just a title, after all.

With one stroke of my sword, I can lop off his head.” “That’s true,” she agreed.

Larissa’s eyes curved into crescents as she laughed. It’s truly an honor to have such a highly skilled brother.

Divinity represented the peak of a martial artist’s strength. It didn’t mean one truly became a god. Much like the title of Empyrean Lord, it was a term of reverence.

Those foreigners couldn’t possibly know that Sky Devourer Lord was not even part of their system. In the In the eyes of cultivators, the so–called Divinity in the world of martial artists was merely equivalent to Foundation Stage.

The old friar once said that among the known cultivators, the highest stage achieved was Golden Elixir Stage, and they were all centuries–old demons who had not shown themselves for a long time.

Emrys carefully assessed his own strength and knew he could do whatever he wanted. One who doesn’t act recklessly in their youth has wasted their youth!

What a load of rubbish about some Divinity. In a few days, I’ll take him down, so I don’t have to listen to his incessant buzzing like a fly every day.

Larissa remarked, “It’s high time we confronted those individuals. Just like that mutant we encountered previously, he was clearly a failed result of genetic experiments from Anglandur. I suspect this Wilson, if he truly is a Divinity, is likely the product of genetic modification as well.” Emrys responded with a noncommittal smile and lowered his head to continue eating his meal.

“Waiter, could we have the bill, please!” Suddenly, a familiar voice reverberated from the counter near the entrance, causing Emrys to abruptly stand up from his chair and look in that direction.

His eyes widened in shock.

He saw the man dressed in flashy attire, adorned with a large gold chain and a small wristwatch, the epitome of a newly wealthy individual.

He was in high spirits, happily flanked by two curvaceous women in his arms.

“Issa, you should return to the Central Chanaean Martial Arts Alliance first.

You’ve been delayed here for quite some time. You must have a backlog of work tasks by now.”

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