Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 520

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 520-What Is His Name Witnessing Emrys in such a distressed state deeply saddened her.

Emrys had always been a cheerful individual, to the point where he could be considered mischievous. However, his personality was far from off–putting; on the contrary, it possessed a unique charm.

Although he may appear roguish, he was not inherently wicked.

Whenever Emrys was with the sisters, he always wore a playful demeanor, finding creative ways to uplift their spirits.

But in that moment, his silence was uncharacteristic. Emrys must be feeling upset, isn’t he?

Larissa, too, was heartbroken, but instead of engaging in small talk with Emrys, she simply stayed by his side in silence.

If Emrys chose to remain seated, she would stay there with him. If he decided not to eat or drink, she was willing to accompany him.

Yet, the rain seemed indifferent to his mood; it continued to pour harder.

The wind, too, mirrored this indifference, growing wilder with each gust.

Larissa’s umbrella couldn’t withstand the raging storm, so she casually discarded it. Without summoning a protective shield, she allowed the fierce wind and torrential rain to pummel her.

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Her clothes became soaked, clinging to her delicate figure.

Amidst the thunderstorm, the graceful contours of her figure became evident.

Unfazed by the rain, Larissa knelt and sat on the wet ground, embracing her knees and resting her head against Emrys‘ arm.

The rainwater struck her flawless, beautiful face, splashing into her eyes, and then slowly trickling down from her gaze.

After an unknown amount of time, a surge of warmth suddenly dispelled the chill within Larissa’s body.

When she opened her eyes, the rain had ceased.

Emrys‘ comforting smile greeted her as the first sight. “Thank you, Issa.” The sky after the rain displayed a unique beauty–a vivid, clear blue. The sunlight transformed into a warm embrace.

Larissa puffed up her cheeks slightly, a mixture of annoyance, resentment, and joy playing across her face. Then, she lightly reprimanded him, “You jerk, if you ever think about making me worry again, I swear I’ll bite you to death!” Basking in the warm light, her two tiny, crystal–clear white canine teeth sparkled brilliantly.

Emrys scooped her up around her waist, giving a gentle pat to her protruding lower back, and said, “Silly, didn’t I tell you there’s nothing wrong with me? I just wanted to spend more time with What Is His Name 46%

my mom, that’s all.” An Empyrean Lord would not succumb to depression so easily.

Refusing to show any weakness, Larissa fiercely pinched Emrys, glaring at him as she exclaimed, “You’re the silly one!” Emrys chuckled, turning to face his mother’s gravestone. He said, “Mom, look, your future daughter–in–law is quite a handful, isn’t she? But you would definitely like her, wouldn’t you?” Under normal circumstances, Larissa would have fired back, labeling him a shameless jerk for assuming she would be his future wife.

However, in that moment, she remained silent.

Instead, she buried her face, now tinged with a blush, into Emrys‘ chest.

Larissa’s bashfulness possessed a truly unique charm.

As they walked towards the entrance of the cemetery, they spotted Hazel approaching with food in her hands.

Realizing that Emrys had finally come to his senses, she let out a deep sigh of relief before casting a knowing glance at the bashfully blushing Larissa in his arms. Hazel narrowed her eyes, sensing that something must have happened between them.

Emrys spoke up. “Aunt Hazel, I sincerely apologize for causing you to worry these past few days.” What Is His Name “So you’re finally aware that I’m worried about you, huh, you stubborn mule!” Hazel shot him a disdainful glance.

After taking a moment to reflect, Emrys asked, “Aunt Hazel, could you please inform me of the man’s name?” Hazel’s expression momentarily faltered.

Of course, she knew exactly who he was referring to.

Mixed emotions overwhelmed her for a brief moment. What purpose would it serve if I were to disclose the man’s identity? Whether he used his real name or an alias remains unknown. Furthermore, the Mapleton family has been investigating this matter for quite some time now, yet they have not achieved any fruitful results. What makes him so confident that he could locate the man?

Even if he were to find him, what could he possibly do? Confront his father and ruin him?

Hazel would prefer the Mapletons to continue their search without involving Emrys once again. After all, it was an old score. that the previous generation had to settle amongst themselves.

Noticing her hesitation, Emrys flashed a reassuring smile. “Don’t worry, Aunt Hazel. I’m not as fragile as you may think. Just tell me his name.” Hazel stared at him intently for a moment before letting out at sigh, and reluctantly uttered the name that would evoke his absolute disgust. “His name is Stein Mikkelsen.” “Stein Mikkelsen!” Emrys quietly noted, the name leaving at lasting impression on his thoughts.

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