Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 518

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 518-It Is Also Your Fault When she heard about Emrys again, it was in the news of the devastating fire at the orphanage in Jadeborough. By the time Hazel wanted to plead for Emrys‘ life, it was already too late.

She had suffered and blamed herself for it because Emrys was her sister’s child.

However, Hazel was determined to prevent the tragedy of the past from repeating itself.

As she knelt on the ground and declared that she would die if Emrys were to die, Pascal became furious and yelled, “You ungrateful creature! Have you

forgotten how Aurelia died?” “I haven’t forgotten, not for a single day have I forgotten—” “Then move! Don’t stop me from killing that b*stard!” Pascal pushed Hazel away, ready to storm into the cemetery with murderous intent. However, just then, he heard a mournful scream from Hazel. “If you want Aurelia to turn over in her grave, then go ahead and kill him! Do you really think she’ll be happy if you kill Emrys? No, she won’t be! She’ll only hate you and consider you unworthy of being her father!” Pascal’s steps halted. He abruptly turned around and slapped Hazel across the face. “What nonsense are you saying? How am I unworthy of being her father when I loved her so deeply?” he howled.

A vivid handprint quickly appeared on Hazel’s cheek.

It is Also Your Fault J Yet, she held her head high as tears continued to fall. “Do you know why she used the excuse of going on a training trip to secretly give birth to her child? Do you know why she didn’t tell you about her pregnancy? It was all because of you! You forced her to break up with the person she loved!” she shouted.

“That was because I loved her and didn’t want her to get hurt. I knew at first glance that the man she loved was unreliable, and reality proved me right. That d*mned monster dared to kill my Aurelia-” “I know! I know that you did it out of love for her, but would she have died if she hadn’t sneaked out without your knowledge? Tell me!” Hazel demanded.

Pascal suddenly shuddered.

That man is undoubtedly the one who bears the greatest sin, but if Aurelia hadn’t gone out on her own to give birth and had stayed in the Mapleton residence instead, we, as her family, would have done everything in our power to protect her. That man would never have had the opportunity to hurt her!

Pascal had, of course, considered that before.

However, he was unwilling to face it.

Hazel had never dared to bring it up in the past because Pascal was already filled with self–reproach, and she didn’t want to torment him further.

She only said it out of desperation.

t Is Also Your Fault A pang of sorrow also struck Hazel’s heart at the sight of her father’s face contorting in pain. However, she had no choice but to continue, “Dad, do you know how happy Aurelia was when she first told me about her pregnancy? She said it was the happiest and proudest moment of her life. She also told me more than once how much she wished to share the happy news with you, but she was scared that you might object. That’s why she kept it a secret. You cared deeply for your daughter, but don’t you think she also loved her child deeply? Do you truly believe that she would be happy to see you kill her child? No, she would only be saddened and hate you more. This is a simple truth, but why can’t you understand that? Even if your hatred runs deep, the fire from. fifteen years ago should have extinguished it. Can you just pretend that the child had died in that fire?” Hazel pleaded earnestly. Her tears had long since soaked her clothes.

Pascal ran his fingers through his silver hair as an overwhelming surge of pain and self–reproach flooded him, leaving him speechless for a long time.

After a while, his hoarse voice sounded again. “Get up, Hazel.” However, Hazel remained unmoved.

At that moment, Emrys knelt before Aurelia’s tombstone in the cemetery. He remained silent for an extended period, unaffected by Karina’s voice echoing in his mind.

“Calling for Rys! Calling for Rys! I couldn’t locate Ms. Mystique, but I unexpectedly came across a grand tomb. The temptation to explore such caves and tunnels was irresistible, so I will catch up with you later!”

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