Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 513

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 513-A Feast They had always assumed that Emrys was a friar, just like his master Athos.

They realized they had been mistaken until today.

“Look, it’s that young man. He’s the one who belongs to Larissa. He’s the Temperer grandmaster who fought Cillian to a draw!” A portion of those who had sneaked into the school to watch the fight pointed at the young man slowly approaching from the distance, speaking with unparalleled excitement.

Suddenly, everyone turned their fervent gazes toward Emrys.

At such a young age, he was able to match the prodigy of the Russell family in battle. Regardless of how they looked down upon the Temperer grandmaster, they held genuine admiration for Emrys.

The silver hair on Samuel’s head quivered slightly as he strode forward, saying, “Mr. Lund, knowing that you’re still alive, I am truly overjoyed.” He had already heard the outcome, but the moment he saw Emrys walk out alive, he still found it hard to believe.

My intuition was indeed correct. Mr. Lund is truly extraordinary.

Emrys glanced at him, thinking to himself. Of course, you’re pleased. As long as I’m alive, all you have to do is keep up appearances, and everyone would assume that I have a good relationship with your Langford family, wouldn’t they?

Feast My good relationship with your Langford family implies that Larissa also has a good relationship with your Langford family, doesn’t it?

When Larissa has a good relationship with your Langford family, doesn’t that imply that your Langford family has established a connection with Hazel?

Having connected with Hazel, wouldn’t that mean… no more getting stuck in an endless cycle?

Emrys couldn’t be bothered to expose the old man’s intentions. He responded indifferently, “I appreciate your dedication, having you wait outside the school gate for such a long time.” With a hearty laugh, Samuel said, “Not at all. As long as we can await good news from Mr. Lund, no matter how long it takes, it will be worth the wait.” Seeing Emrys remain silent, Samuel asked warmly once again, “Mr. Lund, what are your plans next? Would you like to come back with us to the Langford’s residence? I can host a feast in your honor.” Emrys looked at him intently, a meaningful smile playing at the corners of his mouth. He said, “Of course, we should throw a feast ‘to celebrate. And the grander, the better. Ideally, it should last for three days and three nights!” Last for three days and three nights?

Taken aback, a hint of hesitation flashed across Samuel’s face.

Emrys chuckled and said, “Don’t worry. Cillian and I had a A Feast relationship where we fought before we got to know each other. Although we didn’t end up as friends, we did manage to turn conflict into harmony.” What Samuel was worried about was whether such a high–profile banquet would upset the Russell family, making them think that they were flaunting their power.

Upon hearing Emrys‘ words, Samuel immediately felt much more at case.

D Furthermore, he wished nothing more than to display it for three days and nights, ideally for all to see, so that every family in the capital would know that their Langford family shared a profound friendship with Emrys.

Overjoyed, Samuel nodded in agreement, saying, “All right, then. We’ll do as Mr.

Lund suggests. Let’s have it last for three days and three nights!” And so, it happened.

A grand feast was held at the Langford family’s residence, with the courtyard doors wide open. Anyone who attended was welcome to sit down and dine. It was as ostentatious as it could possibly be.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Hazel, upon learning about this matter, was seething with anger, gritting her teeth in frustration.

In the meantime, an imposing force, not to be underestimated, surged fiercely in the dim corners of Jipsdale, eventually reaching the majestic courtyard of the Langford residence.

A Feast The courtyard of the Langford residence.

On the second day of the celebration, the place was filled with people, bustling with extraordinary liveliness.

Among the crowd, there were those who came to offer their sincere congratulations, those who were there solely to enjoy the spectacle, and a portion who, while participating in the feast, envied the Langford family’s fortunate association with such a distinguished figure.

There were various types of individuals, and humans were intricate beings.

His arrival shattered everything.

It was a middle–aged man with an impassive face, his demeanor rigid, his eyes devoid of light. The servants of the Langford family didn’t recognize him, assuming that he was just like any other guest attending the banquet.

“Welcome…” The Langford family’s servants began to speak out of habit, but in the next moment, they were abruptly interrupted by the cold shout of the middle–aged man, “Leave!” Following that, an overwhelmingly powerful aura, reminiscent of the stillness before a storm, completely enveloped the entire courtyard of the Langford residence.

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