Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 511

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 511-Approval Of Hazel “Hey, what is Mr. Lund talking about? Each type of grandmaster, whether it’s a regular Manifestor or a Temperer, has its own strengths. There’s no such thing as a hierarchy of contempt. It doesn’t exist.” “Really? I find that hard to believe!” Emrys shook his head and added, “I’m afraid that the parents of the students might think I’m leading their children astray. They might come after me with a large cleaver, chasing me from east. to west. Wouldn’t that be asking for trouble?”

“Impossible! An ordinary person couldn’t possibly harm you… Ahem, in the past, people held prejudices against Temperer grandmasters. But the skills you, Mr.

Lund, have demonstrated today will surely give everyone a new understanding of Temperer grandmasters. Moreover, I believe that the path you’ve taken should be quite popular among students, especially those who do not like to compete aggressively. It gives them a solid sense of security.” Vaughn said this out loud, but inwardly, he snorted. If he were to encounter a class S wanted criminal in the future, he would let this group take the lead. After all, they were thick–skinned and tough.

Emrys responded, “I need to give this some serious thought.” Darrell immediately wore a solemn expression and said, “What is there to consider? Vice–Chancellor Diaz, we absolutely cannot offer such a course. It’s irresponsible for the students. Everyone wants to become a hero, not become cowardly shields.” “Shut up!” Vaughn said to him.

“Vice–Chancellor Diaz, Vice–Chancellor Diaz, I truly wished to pry open your mouth and feed you a mouthful of aged phlegm.” Emrys looked at Darrell with a meaningful gaze, then shifted his attention back to Vaughn, laughing as he said, “I think there’s merit in what Mr. Holt said. If given the chance to be a hero, who would willingly choose to be a coward?” “What a load of nonsense!” Vaughn said coldly, “Everyone has their own aspirations. Personal views cannot represent the thoughts of the masses. Besides, Mr. Lund, with such great talent, aren’t you also a Temperer grandmaster?” Emrys spread his hands. “That was because I was naive in the past. Now that I’m set in my ways, it’s too late for regrets.” Vaughn said, “I just wanted Mr. Lund to give it a try. Who knows if some people might actually enjoy this path?” This was a golden opportunity to cultivate excellent shields for the Martial Arts Alliance, and he certainly wouldn’t let it slip away easily.


Refuse to learn?

Those who are at the bottom of the class, either strive to become a Temperer grandmaster or get out of Jipsdale Martial Arts Academy. It’s up to them whether they want to learn or not!

“Chancellor Diaz, you make a valid point,” he said, “but there is still a very important issue at hand.” “What’s the issue?” “You decide to hire me as a teacher, but does Ms. Mapleton agree to it?” “Hehe…” Vaughn let out two meaningful laughs, then confidently stated, “I am the vice– chancellor of the school, so I certainly have the authority to hire a teacher.” “Is that so?” A playful smile appeared on Emrys‘ face as he suggested, “I think it would be best if you gave Ms. Mapleton a call.” “There’s no need for that!” Emrys shook his head. “That won’t do: Without Ms. Mapleton’s approval, I don’t feel secure.” A wave of displeasure suddenly washed over Vaughn.

What’s happening with this young man? Wasn’t he quite sensible before? Why do the words he’s saying today make me feel so uncomfortable?

Emrys expressed that he felt insecure without Hazel’s approval. Wasn’t he essentially implying that Vaughn couldn’t provide him with enough sense of security?

What’s wrong? Does he look down on me as the vice–chancellor?

Vaughn, of course, was not pleased, but he couldn’t show it too obviously. He said, “Since you want to seek Hazel… Ms. Mapleton’s approval, I’ll call her right now to ask.” And so, in Emrys‘ presence, Vaughn dialed Hazel’s office number.

The person who answered the phone was her assistant, who informed Vaughn that Hazel was not in the office.

Left with no other option, Vaughn dialed Hazel’s private number. This time, Hazel herself answered the call. However, after Vaughn explained the situation to her… There was a moment of silence on the other end.

“Let him go to h*ll!” After a brief pause, Hazel suddenly uttered this statement, coldly, and then abruptly hung up.

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