Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 506

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 506-Cillian Goes All Out Emrys shook his head and said, “I’m accustomed to fighting with my bare fists.” Naturally, Emrys had a weapon–a divine sword. It was a gift from the old friar when he joined the battle at the border five years ago.

However, Emrys used it sparingly.

It wasn’t that it was difficult to handle, but rather, he enjoyed keeping it hidden for amusement.

Cillian narrowed his eyes, falling silent for a moment. Suddenly, he tore a strip of cloth from his outfit and wrapped his sword behind his back. With a cold snort, he said, “There’s no need to draw my sword to deal with you.” He was truly confident.

Since Emrys was not using weapons, he felt using one would be beneath him.

However, if it turned out that Emrys was using secret weapons, he could instantly sever the cloth strip and defeat Emrys with one stroke of the sword.

Emrys chuckled and said, “Cillian, you’re not only confident but even a little arrogant. However… I like it.” No sooner had he spoken than Emrys‘ legs suddenly exerted force, and like a fired cannonball, he charged toward Cillian with explosive momentum. He threw a punch, its power surging wildly.

1/4 Chapter 506 Cillian Goes All Out The battle had officially begun!


Emrys threw a devastating punch at Cillian. However, upon impact, Cillian didn’t even flinch.

Um… Is that it?

The crowd was taken aback, and so was Cillian.

He had initially thought that Emrys was a formidable foe due to the ferocity of the punch, but as for its power, it didn’t even manage to harm a strand of Cillian’s hair.

I can’t believe how weak he is! Where did he get the courage to challenge Cillian?

Cillian had deliberately waited for a while, anticipating Emrys’s next attack.

However, after throwing a punch, Emrys immediately retreated, expressing his frustration. “You’re tough. Now, it’s your turn to hit me.” Do you think this is a child’s fight, where you hit me once and then I’ll hit you back once? This is a battle to the death!

Suddenly, Cillian found himself regretting his decision to challenge Emrys. He felt that having such a worthless opponent would only serve to lower his own status.

Three days ago at the restaurant, I should have killed this kid outright.

“Hurry up, let me feel how hard your fist is!”

Emrys seemed completely oblivious to how childish his actions were as he repeatedly urged Cillian to attack.

Cillian was utterly speechless, yet he managed a snigger and said, “You dare challenge me with this level of ability? I doubt you could even withstand half of my strength.” After he finished speaking, he casually threw a punch.

If what Emrys had just demonstrated was the full extent of his strength, then Cillian was confident that he only needed to exert fifty percent of his own power to shatter Emrys‘ bones.

However, disappointment suddenly struck him.


Just as Cillian was about to shake his head, he saw Emrys merely stepping back a short distance, showing no signs of injury from the punch.

“You said my attack was weak, but your punch isn’t impressive either.” Emrys‘ words successfully infuriated Cillian. A cold glint flashed in his eyes as he said, “Since you’ve got a death wish, don’t blame me for showing no mercy.” Upon seeing himself being insulted by a nobody, Cillian felt anger surge up within him. Consequently, he once again mustered his internal energy and threw a punch toward Emrys.

Before his fist landed, the forceful wind it carried had caused

Emrys‘ clothes to rustle loudly.

This time, Cillian had used seventy percent of his strength.

He assumed he could finally defeat Emrys this time. However, in the next second, his gaze hardened.

Emrys once again astonishingly blocked the colossal fist formed by Cillian’s internal energy.

What’s happening?

Cillian furrowed his brows slightly.

Do I really need to exert all my strength to deal with this young man? Won’t that just reveal that we are evenly matched? It would be embarrassing!

However, if he were to throw three consecutive punches and still fail to defeat Emrys, it would be even more humiliating.

Therefore, after a moment of contemplation, Cillian decided to give his all in one attack.


This punch, unrivaled in power, seemed to shake the very fabric of space as it exploded forward with internal energy

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