Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 504

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 504-Will Investigate This Myself Slap!

Hazel slapped Emrys across the face with the back of her hand.

She was so furious that her body trembled.

Unable to contain herself any longer, she burst out, yelling, “Emrys, what are you trying to do?” How could Hazel not see it? Emrys kept making excuses, determined to cause trouble. No matter how much she tried to persuade him otherwise, he wouldn’t listen.

Naturally, this made her angry.

The slap landed on Emrys‘ face.

Emrys could have avoided it, but he didn’t see the need. When he saw Hazel yelling at him with a strained voice, Emrys took it somewhat seriously, looking directly into Hazel’s eyes from close proximity.

“Tell me what you know about the fire and my origins.” If he could gather information from Hazel without revealing his identity, it would greatly assist him in uncovering the truth.

When questioned by Emrys, Hazel’s anger instantly vanished, replaced by a fleeting hint of panic in her eyes.

She quickly avoided Emrys‘ gaze.

“I’ve been honest with you, yet you still refuse to tell me?” Emrys asked.

Previously, they had been beating around the bush regarding the death match.

It wasn’t until Emrys spoke directly that all pretenses were dropped.

Hazel’s eyes dimmed, seemingly filled with a touch of sorrow as she said, “I won’t tell you, and you wouldn’t want to know either.” Indeed, she still refused to say.

Emrys let out a bitter laugh.

From Hazel’s earlier anxious behavior, it was evident that she truly cared about him. One could even say that her affection for him was greater than he had imagined. However, she still refused to reveal what she knew.

This was somewhat beyond Emrys‘ expectations.

Emrys‘ tone softened slightly as he said, “Since you refuse to tell me, can you at least share something else with me?” “What is it?” Hazel responded, her voice drained of energy.

“What is our relationship?” Hazel still did not respond.

Emrys slowly exhaled, smiling as he said, “I understand, Ms. Mapleton. I will investigate this myself. You don’t need to persuade me anymore. I will definitely show up for that fight.” 2/1 I Will Investigate This Myself At this point, Hazel’s unwillingness to disclose the nature of their relationship indicated that the implications would put her in a difficult position.

Naturally, Emrys would never impose his will on others.

Opening the office door, Emrys stepped out. As he closed the door, he said, “Thank you for your concern, Ms. Mapleton.” Hazel shuddered, then helplessly slumped into her office chair, sorrow surfacing on her face.

Jipsdale Martial Arts Academy was a sanctuary for martial artists, equipped with numerous martial arts halls, much like classrooms in a regular school.

These martial arts halls were specifically designed for students to spar with each other.

Only through continuous sparring could one be inspired to progress.

The largest martial arts hall was as big as a basketball court, with clearly marked tiered seats filling its surroundings.

This martial arts arena was typically only filled to capacity on the day of the academy’s graduation assessment.

However, even though it wasn’t the academy’s graduation exam that day, it was still packed.

In fact, there weren’t even enough seats to accommodate the spectators, causing a crowd to stand in a circle behind the back 3/4 14:31 MI, TO FED Chapter 504 I Will investigate This Myself seats.

With the crowd standing shoulder to shoulder, excited chatter filled the air because this day was anything but ordinary.

On that day, Cillian, a martial arts prodigy, was to have a death match with Larissa’s man.

Everyone was filled with anticipation, wondering what the mysterious man looked like, what his identity was, and what kind of power he possessed.

When the news first broke out on the academy forum, it was about the photos of Emrys carrying Larissa away. Everything happened so quickly that those photos only captured the back of Emrys and Larissa on his shoulder.

On that day, his true identity was finally going to be unveiled.

Send Gifts 1.3K Cherished By Seven Sisters Chapter 505 The Impending Battle One could easily imagine the excitement that filled the air.

It was clear that Larissa had gained a significant amount of attention within the martial arts circle in Jipsdale.

Furthermore, the crowd present that day was limited due to the restrictions imposed by the academy’s higher–ups. Many people outside wanted to enter, but they were all stopped at the academy’s gate.

This included members of the Langford family.

They were not even privileged enough to come in and watch.

Only Blanche, holding the admission letter given to her by Vaughn, successfully entered the school. She arrived at the martial arts hall, eagerly waiting for the fight to begin.

However, she could only stand on her tiptoes at the very back because of the overwhelming number of people.

A leader from the academy read out the pledges from both parties, confirming that they had willingly signed the liability waiver form. Regardless of the final outcome, whether it be life or death, neither party was allowed to take any further action.

Many leaders from the Jipsdale Martial Arts Academy held positions within the Martial Arts Alliance, so the agreements they approved carried a certain level of authority.

When news spread that both parties had signed the liability waiver form, the crowd erupted in excitement.

They had heard long ago that this was a battle to the death, but when the moment finally arrived, they couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming surge of excitement.

It was unclear what had caused the conflict between the two individuals to escalate to such an extent.

Could it be because of Larissa?

Before they knew it, a figure had already appeared in the center of the martial arts hall. With his sharp eyebrows and glistening eyes, he exuded an air of arrogance. It was none other than Cillian, the prodigy of the Russell family.

As Cillian made his entrance, the excitement of the surrounding crowd reached its peak.

The reason was that Larissa’s companion, the mysterious young man known only by his silhouette, was expected to appear soon.

“He’s here. It’s him, without a doubt!” “The powerful CEO makes his entrance!” When the students who had previously caught a glimpse of Emrys‘ true face exclaimed in excitement, their cheers were followed by the arrival of a young man, barely in his twenties, slowly making his way to face Cillian.

Everyone’s eyes widened.

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