Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 501

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 501-Let Him Be Teagan, however, disagreed with Samuel’s statement.

Despite Samuel being his father, the idea that Emrys had a significant background, based solely on a single glance and a few inexplicable words, was completely absurd.

A background more powerful than the guardian of the Martial Alliance in Jipsdale? Was Emrys the illegitimate child of the chief or vice chief?

It was utterly ridiculous!

Teagan believed that instead of wasting time speculating here, it was better to take the initiative and approach the Russell family.

He decisively took action.

After the meaningless family meeting concluded, Teagan immediately headed to the Russell family, intending to meet Cillian and make it clear that he had no connection to this matter and that his loyalty was always towards the Russell family.

However, Cillian couldn’t be bothered to pay him any attention.

Meanwhile, at Jipsdale Martial Arts Academy, Hazel was sitting in her office.

Hazel’s fingers trembled slightly. On her ageless face that time couldn’t mark, a few faint wrinkles appeared at this moment.

She had already learned about Emrys‘ situation.

Let Him Be To be precise, it was almost impossible not to know, given that this matter had been widely discussed in Jipsdale.

One was a genius in the martial arts field, and the other was Larissa’s man, creating a lot of buzz.

Even if people weren’t interested in their fights, just the fact that he was Larissa’s man was enough to pique the curiosity of many.

Everyone wanted to know what kind of man could captivate a war goddess like Larissa.

Hazel didn’t understand how the term “Larissa’s man” came about, but at this moment, it was of little importance to her. She cared most about the life–and– death challenge.

More than caring, she was furious.

She was so furious that her body trembled.

Hazel struggled to control her emotions and called Larissa, asking, “Are you aware of Emrys‘ situation?” “Yeah, I just found out not long ago,” replied Larissa.

She had returned to the Central Chanaean Martial Arts Alliance base not too long ago. The news hadn’t reached her immediately, but Emrys called her a while back and briefed her on some things.

“Nonsense!” Hazel scolded when she heard that Larissa actually knew about this. Hazel couldn’t hold back even though she was usually mild–mannered.

“Since you know, why didn’t you stop Let Him Be him?” “Ms. Mapleton, Rys is so stubborn. Once he makes up his mind, I can’t persuade him. I can only let him do as he wishes,” Larissa explained helplessly.

“Let him do as he wishes? Hmph! Do you know what consequences letting him do as he wishes will lead to? He’ll die, and even I won’t have the power to save him!” Hearing her teacher’s concern for Emrys, Larissa really wanted to reveal Emrys‘ identity as the Empyrean Lord to Hazel.

However, Emrys had specifically instructed her to keep this matter confidential, especially from Hazel.

Larissa didn’t know what he was up to, but she trusted him, believing that he knew his limits.

Larissa chose to be obedient and did whatever Emrys told her to do.

As for that life–and–death challenge, it wasn’t technically a life- and–death challenge. It was more like the Empyrean Lord torturing someone who was weaker. Was there even a need to watch it?

Larissa paid it no heed.

However, she suddenly realized a problem and curiously asked, “Ms. Mapleton, may I ask why you are so concerned about Emrys?” Even if Hazel knew that Emrys was her younger brother, there was no need to care so much, right?

There was definitely something fishy!

Larissa was filled with curiosity, but what she received was not an answer, but the ruthless sound of the call ending. Immediately, she pouted in dissatisfaction and said, “Both of you are acting really strange.” After Hazel ended the call, she looked worried.

Just then, the assistant walked in and announced, “Ms. Mapleton, Emrys is here.” “After committing such a significant error, does he really have the audacity to come see me?”

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