Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 497

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 497-Terrifying Gaze However, upon locking eyes with Emrys, the elderly man suddenly trembled.

The dissatisfaction in his heart transformed into overwhelming shock.

That gaze… It resembled that of a disdainful king, filled with irresistible authority. Just one glance, and the blood in Alpheus’s veins seemed to freeze.

Samuel was a Venerable Being.

Such a gaze should never appear on a young man barely in his twenties.

It was terrifying!

In the end, the members of the Langford family had no choice but to leave.

The spacious third–floor banquet hall was left with only three people–Emrys, Maximus, and Shanise.

Emrys glanced at the two and said, “Now that it’s quiet, do you. have any private matters to discuss? If so, I’ll step aside.

immediately.” Silence ensued.

Terrifying Gaze QK18%

Seeing that they did not respond, Emrys felt somewhat. embarrassed.

After a moment of contemplation, he consciously walked to the innermost part of the hall, where there was a row of windows.

While avoiding the conversation, he could also take a look at the outside scenery.

Maximus and Shanise simply looked at each other, remaining silent.

Maximus had been betrayed, and Shanise had already clearly understood Brian’s attitude.

Both of them were feeling quite downcast, at a loss for words for a moment. In the end, it was Shanise who broke the silence. “Max, I’m sorry…” She was apologizing again.

Hearing that, Maximus felt a wave of irritation wash over him. He shook his head numbly. “You don’t need to apologize to me. Everyone has their own desires, and I can’t blame you since I can’t provide what you seek. So, I have no right to blame you.” “Does that mean you’ve forgiven me?” Shanise’s eyes lit up.

Maximus explained, “When I said I wouldn’t hold it against you earlier, I had already forgiven you. But forgiveness doesn’t mean we can reconcile. From now on, let’s go our separate ways.” When Brian had earlier expressed his intention to kill Maximus, Terrifying Gaze 18%2 Shanise had pleaded on Maximus’s behalf. As a result, she had been slapped by Brian.

It proved that Shanise still cared for Maximus.

Although Maximus no longer harbored hatred, reconciliation with Shanise was simply impossible.

For him, Shanise took a beating from Brian, and in return, he gave Brian a good thrashing for Shanise. From then on, they considered their scores settled. It was pointless to dwell upon her infidelity now.

He decided to let it go.

Shanise’s eyes dimmed, realizing that starting anew with Maximus was impossible.

She felt she was unworthy.

“Max, Brian has a powerful background. He’s not someone you can afford to provoke. Please, listen to my advice. Leave Jipsdale quickly and ignore everything else. Just run as far as you can.” Previously, with important figures around, Shanise had no say. Now, with only her and Maximus left, she finally had the chance to express her inner thoughts.

“If you were to die at the hands of Brian because of me, I would carry the guilt for the rest of my life…” Shanise still believed that the whole incident started because of her, and involving Maximus made her feel deeply guilty.

Tentfying Gaze Maximus, however, shook his head, saying, “I won’t leave. I want to stay here and be with Rys. Besides, I believe he will handle everything.” Though he couldn’t do much, he wouldn’t run away at a time like this.

Staying here and giving Emrys his support would show his stance.

Shanise pleaded, “Max, I know we can’t get back together, but can you please listen to me one last time? You used to always heed my advice, didn’t you?” The animosity that Cillian and Brian harbored was now clearly directed toward Emrys. If Maximus were to escape, his chances of survival were undoubtedly greater than Emrys‘.

One death was better than two.

Shanise was naive enough to think that way.

Maximus interjected, “Please cease speaking. Even in the event of my demise, I would never forsake Rys

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