Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 495

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 495-What Is Your Relationship With Him After a moment of silence, a faint smile appeared on Cillian’s lips, yet the murderous intent in his eyes did not fade. He said, “You’re quite intriguing. What I don’t understand is why you would willingly propose a solution that could easily lead to your own downfall?” If Cillian had killed Emrys right then and there, the incident probably wouldn’t have spread too far. However, if the two agreed to a life–and–death duel three days later, then those three. days would be sufficient for the situation to escalate.

By then, it was estimated that the entire Jipsdale would be aware of the duel.

After all, one was a martial arts prodigy, while the other was Lady Lockwood’s lover. Both titles were highly attention–grabbing.

Their gamble was bound to cause a commotion in Jipsdale.

When Emrys eventually met his demise at the hands of Cillian, it would be witnessed by countless people.

Emrys responded, “You do make a valid point, but how can you be so certain that I will be the one to lose?” Cillian’s pupils contracted.

In other words, he’s implying that he won’t lose, but I will?

“You are very confident.” What Is Your Relationship With Him With a light chuckle, Cillian’s murderous aura gradually subsided, indicating that he had finally accepted Emrys‘ proposed resolution.

Brian, however, was extremely unwilling and protested loudly, “Cillian, don’t listen to him. This punk is definitely trying to buy time. Who knows where he’ll escape to using those three days!” “You have a point.” After a moment of contemplation, Cillian suddenly turned his head towards Samuel and asked, “You all seem to be quite concerned about this young man.

What is his relationship with the Langford family?” “We-” Teagan was about to blurt out that the Langford family had no connection whatsoever with Emrys. However, he was interrupted by the stern gaze of Samuel.

“You answer,” Cillian said, pointing at Blanche.

The reason he was convinced that the Langford family had ties with Emrys was because he had seen the concerned look on Blanche’s face. This worry had surfaced when Cillian had directed a murderous intent towards Emrys.

This indicated that Blanche was indeed worried about Emrys.

Upon seeing Cillian pointing at her, Blanche’s expression instantly froze. She felt a tug on her arm and turned to see that it was her father, Alpheus.

What Is Your Relationship With Hin Alpheus was shaking his head slightly, as if he was conveying some sort of message to Blanche.

Blanche understood his intentions and felt a chill run through her.

It was crystal clear.

Alpheus wanted Blanche to deny any relationship with Emrys.

Blanche then looked towards Samuel.

Although Samuel did not show any signs, his solemn expression revealed that he, too, was hesitant about this matter.

Samuel was not an ungrateful person by nature, and his affection for Blanche was profound. This was evident from his initial refusal to marry Blanche off to the Cunningham family, a move that would have secured protection for the Langford family.

However, just as Alpheus and Teagan had previously stated, things were different now, and this matter was of great significance.

Even if he didn’t consider himself, he needed to think about the lives of the many people in the Langford family.

As the head of the Langford family, there were certain questions. that Samuel was not suited to answer. On one hand, he didn’t want Emrys to think that he was an ungrateful person.

On the other hand, his response largely represented the intentions of the Langford family.

If Samuel were to say that he had no connection whatsoever with Emrys, it would mean that the entire Langford family would offend Emrys.

However, if it were Blanche who responded, it could be explained afterward that, due to her young age and naivety, she was afraid of getting involved, which was why she claimed that she had no significant ties with Emrys.

Everyone was well aware of this reasoning, including Samuel. Emrys, on the other hand, would surely find it hard to believe, but this kind of superficial behavior had already become a tradition in Chanaea.

When someone wanted to reject another person, they wouldn’t directly express it, but instead, they would employ other tactics to make their intentions clear. If the other person were to accuse them, they could simply claim that it was the other party who had misunderstood the situation.

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