Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 488

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 488-Slapping Your hideousness has deeply offended my eyes.

That statement was a direct attack on the soul.

As soon as those words were spoken, Emrys swiftly and accurately raised his hand and slapped Brian’s left cheek.


Brian was completely stunned by both the physical and mental assault.

He never could have imagined that Emrys would actually have the audacity to slap him. This was the first time in his life that Brian had ever been slapped..

Instantly, fury surged through him.

“You despicable person, I hope you suffer a miserable death! Darrell, why are you still standing there? Hurry up and kill this brat! I want to chop his body into pieces and feed it to the dogs!” Brian shouted angrily.

Despite not being a martial artist, Brian was able to command Darrell due to his powerful background.

Darrell secretly rejoiced in his heart. This was the scene he had been hoping to witness. Upon hearing Brian’s command, he immediately nodded and stepped forward, emanating a profound aura.

1/4 Crapter 10n Stapping Brian glanced at Maximus and continued his command, “Kill that young man too. Today, I want both of them torn to shreds!” “Don’t!” Just as Darrell was about to take action, Shanise suddenly ran to Brian, her face pale as she pleaded, “Mr. Russell, this matter has nothing to do with Max. Can you please spare him?” “Max? You seem to be quite fond of him. Since you like him so much, why don’t you die with him!” With a sinister laugh, Brian grabbed Shanise’s hair and slapped. her across the face. The sound of the slap echoed, and blood spilled from the corner of her mouth..

Shanise stumbled and fell right in front of Maximus.

Despair was evident on her beautiful face.

From Brian’s sinister laughter, Shanise could sense that he didn’t truly care for her. He only wanted to play with her.

Once he was done, he would discard her like a garbage bag that had been spat on.

Now, she realized what a foolish dream she had.

Although Maximus resented Shanise for making a fool out of him, seeing her in such a state still pained him. With a curse, he charged at Brian, his eyes filled with anger.

“You bastard!” Slapping Maximus towered over Brian in terms of height, and his body was in its prime. If it came down to a fight, Brian wouldn’t stand a chance.

Fully aware of his situation, Brian covered his face and retreated, shouting, “Darrell, kill this lunatic first!” Darrell had no objections, of course.

In his eyes, both Emrys and Maximus were ordinary people. He had more than enough capability to handle either of them on his own.

Since Brian had declared to kill Maximus first, Darrell would proceed with killing Maximus first!

Confidently, Darrell charged towards Maximus, intending to take him down before he could reach Brian.

Suddenly, a figure appeared before Darrell.

Emrys, with a mysterious smile on his face, said, “You’ve been wishing for my death, haven’t you? Well, now’s your chance.” The smile instantly startled Darrell, giving him a sense of foreboding.

However, his reaction was swift. He curved his arm, preparing a powerful elbow strike aimed at shattering Emrys‘ chest. But what he hadn’t anticipated was that before his elbow could even touch Emrys, a blow as heavy as a mountain struck his shoulder.


Slapping Without warning, Darrell was brought to his knees, hitting the solid wooden floor so hard that he left two deep indentations.

Emrys retracted his hand, his expression becoming relaxed as he shook his head slightly in disappointment. “Earlier, when we were downstairs, you displayed such arrogance, even going as far as claiming that you would take special care of Blanche. I had expected so much more from you, but it seems this is the extent of your abilities.” Is this really all you’re capable of?

Darrell no longer cared about Brian, as his face was filled with shock and horror.

He had never witnessed Emrys taking action before, nor had he sensed any internal energy within him. Therefore, he had assumed Emrys was just an ordinary man who had been fortunate enough to gain Larissa’s favor, allowing him to live off her generosity

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