Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 483

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 483-Stereotypical Nerd Danny immediately became alert and asked, “Buddy, what do you intend to do?” “It’s nothing. It’s just that my brother–in–law may have had some misunderstandings with Brian in the past. After hearing what you just said, I realized how influential Brian actually is. So, I thought I’d take this opportunity to have my brother–in–law apologize to Brian.” First, Danny glanced at Maximus, then shifted his gaze back to Emrys. He said, “If there was a misunderstanding before, it’s only right to apologize properly.

After all, a wise man adapts to the circumstances.”

Danny thought to himself, I’ve already explained Brian’s background in such detail. Anyone with a bit of sense wouldn’t dare to provoke him lightly. Moreover, considering that these two young individuals are here in the second–floor banquet hall, it’s clear that they are associated with the Langford family, who are seated at the distant tables. It’s important to note that in comparison to the Russell family, the Langford family is simply not on the same level.

Therefore, after deducing, Danny concluded that there was a high probability that Emrys and Maximus genuinely intended to apologize.

Therefore, he said, “Mr. Russell is in the banquet hall on the third floor, and Mr.

Holt, who was here just now, is also there.” Darrell was also on the third floor, together with Brian.

Stereotypical Nerd That was unexpected, yet reasonable.

Jipsdale Martial Arts Academy was a talent cultivation base for the Martial Arts Alliance. It was directly under the jurisdiction of the Martial Arts Alliance, and Brian’s background was rooted in this Alliance. Darrell, on the other hand, was a faculty member of the academy and belonged to the same circle as Brian.

It was quite normal for people within the same circle to have interactions.

“Since both of you are already prepared to apologize, why not also clear up the misunderstanding with Mr. Holt while you’re at it?” Danny had managed to secure his position thanks to his keen observation skills.

When Darrell had previously visited the second floor, he had already sensed a sense of rivalry brewing between the parties.

At that moment, he was utterly shocked because trouble had arisen.

And so, he had sternly reprimanded the two attendants at the entrance.

At the same time, he presented a bottle of high–end red wine to both the Langford family and Darrell as compensation. Danny comforted both parties and tried his best to calm them down.

Upon hearing that Emrys and his companion intended to apologize, Danny was naturally more than eager.

Stereotypical Nerd BK18%E Without hesitation, Emrys said, “Of course. It’s better to make friends than enemies. It was a minor issue to begin with. If we can. clear up the previous misunderstandings today, it would be all thanks to your efforts, Mr. Jones.” “Very well, then!” Danny smiled. “Shall I go upstairs now and inquire about Mr.

Russell and Mr. Holt’s opinions?” Emrys nodded. “My name is Emrys, and this is my brother–in- law, Maximus.

Just announce our names. I’m sure the distinguished guests upstairs would agree to meet us.” “Alright, please wait a moment, both of you!” Subsequently, Danny went to the second floor.

Baffled, Maximus asked, “Rys, what are you doing? Are we really going to apologize to them?” Emrys glanced at him, his voice tinged with disappointment as he spoke.

“Maximus, have you become too absorbed in books? Do you truly believe that I, the handsome husband of your stunningly beautiful sister, am the type to easily apologize to others?” “Of course not. Who would dare to make the Empyrean Lord apologize-” Maximus felt Emrys‘ piercing gaze and immediately fell silent.

He remembered Emrys‘ warning not to reveal his identity carelessly, and so, he obediently kept quiet.

Upon further consideration, Maximus inquired again, “Emrys, what if they refuse to grant us permission to proceed?” 3/4 Chapter 483 Stereotypical Nerd Smack!

Emrys delivered a firm slap to Maximus‘ face, expressing his frustration. “It appears that your extensive studies have truly clouded your judgment. You should have dropped out earlier and returned home to assist your sister in managing the company.” We have already made the decision to cause trouble, so does their opinion really matter? Do they even have a choice? Earlier, I sought out Danny solely to confirm that Brian was indeed present at this restaurant and to determine his exact whereabouts. Whether Brian agrees to meet us or not is not his decision to make. It is my fist that will decide. Why is Maximus so naive?

Emrys was completely bewildered, contemplating how Maximus, with his level of intelligence, managed to gain admission to the esteemed Jipsdale University.

Could he possibly fit the stereotype of a typical nerd?

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