Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 481

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 481-Overly Protective Husband Maximus was Cordelia’s biological brother, and it was only natural that he, as her brother, would share her stunning beauty.

At times, even Emrys felt inferior to Maximus in terms of appearance.

For that reason, Maximus couldn’t understand why Shanise would choose a man who was considered unattractive.

Emrys said, “It’s all about personal preference. You may find him unattractive, but your girlfriend might find him appealing.”

“That’s impossible! Absolutely impossible!” Maximus spoke with conviction. “I can guarantee that anyone who has seen that man would say he’s ugly. If anyone says otherwise, they’re definitely lying.” Upon hearing Maximus‘ words, Emrys, who originally had no interest, surprisingly became curious about the man who had made Maximus feel insecure.

It was normal to suddenly develop curiosity.

“In what way is he ugly? Tell me about it,” Emrys asked curiously.

After some thought, Maximus said, “He has a sharp face, a large nose, narrow eyes, and a small mouth. I only caught a glimpse of his face, but it left a profound impression. His features seemed deformed due to their tight arrangement.” An incredulous expression appeared on Emrys‘ face after hearing Overly Protective Husband Maximus‘ description. “Is this real?” Emrys did not judge people by their appearances. After all, one’s looks, a gift from their parents, should not be mocked.

Emrys was merely astonished. If that person truly looked like that and still managed to steal Maximus‘ girlfriend, Emrys wondered how formidable the other party was.

With a mournful expression, Maximus said, “Do you now understand why I am unwilling to accept this? Rys, just think about it. What if one day my sister also goes off to find a man like that and cheats on you?” Slap!

Emrys slapped Maximus on the head, expressing his anger vehemently. “Stop giving me trouble. There’s no way your sister would do such a thing.” Maximus touched his head, expressing his grievance. “I was just giving an example, trying to make you understand…” “No! You can’t do that either!” Emrys glared at Maximus. “Is your sister someone you can casually joke about?

Can Shanise even be compared to your sister? Your sister is like a heavenly fairy. She is perfect, pure, flawless. She is sacred and inviolable. I will teach anyone who dares to speak ill of your sister a lesson, and you are no exception!” and Watching Emrys“furious demeanor, Maximus was terrified, but Overly Protective Husband he couldn’t help but mutter, “My sister hasn’t even acknowledged you yet…” Maximus hadn’t expected that his seemingly flattering address would inflate Emrys‘ ego. Even before anything was settled, Emrys had already started to become an overly protective husband.

“What were you mumbling about just now?” Emrys glared fiercely at Maximus, once again scaring the young man considerably.

Maximus stammered, “N–nothing… If my sister knew how much you’re protecting her, she would definitely be moved to tears, my dear brother–in–law!” “Considering your sincere apology, I’ll forgive you this time,” Emrys said with feigned severity. “But don’t let me hear anything like that from you again in the future.” “Hehe, I understand, I really do, Rys. Could you possibly help me seek justice for being cuckolded?” Maximus said, his face bashful as he raised his eyebrows and made faces.

“Why would you think I have the ability to help you seek justice?” Emrys asked with an amused expression.

Maximus exclaimed, “That’s because you’re the Empyrean Lord!” Emrys was taken aback. He asked with doubt, “Has your sister already informed you about everything?” “Wasn’t that what you yourself mentioned?” Overly Protective Husband 80%

“Did I really say that?” “Yes, you did. When we were in Jazona, you said it yourself at Mr. Atkinson’s place,” Maximus responded.

Upon hearing that, Emrys quickly recollected. It appeared to be something he had indeed said.

During that time, Richard and his family were invited to dine at the Atkinson residence. They brought Emrys along, claiming it was to apologize to him. In reality, Myles had arranged for a Jetroinian to teach Emrys a lesson.

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