Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 474

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 474-The Life Of A Martial Artist In the absence of Vaughn and Darrell, Larissa found herself in a state of complete relaxation.

On her way, Larissa was recognized by several students who eagerly approached her for a photo, now that the vice-chancellor was not present.

Larissa, in a good mood, warmly welcomed all those who approached her.

Emrys, on the other hand, felt like an outsider as he observed Larissa being surrounded by fans. He couldn’t help but feel a mix of amusement and helplessness.

What made Emrys particularly amused was that while Larissa ly amused was that while Larissa was taking photos and signing autographs, she would occasionally throw provocative glances at him, as if to say, “Look, see how popular your sister is.” Emrys, however, didn’t feel envious at all. Instead, he found the hostile gazes from the male students around him somewhat intriguing.

Larissa was a well-known figure at the Jipsdale Martial Arts Academy. Even though she had already left the academy, her legend still remained. Therefore, both Darrell, who had become a teacher, and the male students regarded her as an idol.

Now that their idol had suddenly returned to the academy, accompanied by a man with whom she seemed to be extremely close, it was inevitable that their imaginations would run wild.

1/4 Naturally, they were upset.

Emrys, seeing their displeasure, couldn’t help but feel pleased. He suddenly pushed through the crowded throng and purposefully strode towards Larissa.

Just as everyone thought someone was trying to cut in line and were about to reprimand him, they saw Emrys hoist Larissa onto his shoulder with unparalleled dominance.

“Darling, let’s not waste any more time. Let’s head home and take care of business,” Emrys said as he carried Larissa on his shoulder. He steadied her legs with his right hand and delivered a playful slap on her cute buttocks with his left.

The chattering crowd fell silent in an instant, their eyes wide open as they witnessed this unbelievable scene.

The male students, in particular, seemed as if they were about to burst into flames. Their idol was being carried so rudely on a man’s shoulder, and she even received a slap on her buttocks.

The crucial point was that Larissa lightly pounded Emrys’ back with her small, clenched fists. It was clear that she wasn’t putting much force into it. This indicated that her actions were merely symbolic gestures of resistance due to her shyness, rather than a sign of genuine anger.

The male students felt as if their hearts had shattered into pieces.

Surprisingly, the female students didn’t seem to be affected much. Instead, their eyes sparkled with curiosity.

2/4 They revered Larissa, purely out of respect for a senior, untainted by any romantic fantasies. Therefore, when they saw Larissa being carried away by a man, they didn’t experience any feelings of heartbreak.

They were merely curious, wondering who this man could possibly be, who had managed to captivate their influential senior.

Larissa was the pride of the martial arts field and the current chief of the Central Chanaean Martial Arts Alliance. Naturally, her standards were high.

This man, who had caught her eye, undoubtedly possessed a unique charm.

Everyone began to gossip.

There were also several female students whose faces were filled with longing.

Although they were unaware of Emrys’ identity, his appearance, physique, and his domineering demeanor perfectly embodied the image of the ideal male protagonist they held in their hearts.

Indeed, among these martial arts practicing girls, there were also quite a few who enjoyed reading romance novels.

The most thrilling part was when the aloof male lead tormented his wife to get a momentary thrill, only to have the plot twist dramatically when he had to overcome various hardships to pursue her again. Then, there was the standard gentle and warm- hearted second male lead, who unconditionally nurtured the female lead’s growth from beginning to end. It was only when the 3/4 female lead and the aloof male lead’s relationship came to a satisfying conclusion that the warm-hearted second male lead could quietly and uncomplainingly exit the stage.

In addition to their martial arts training, the male students would often come together to play games such as League of Legends and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds during their free time. Recently, one of them became excessively absorbed in gaming, causing him to neglect his martial arts practice.

Consequently, the academy punished him by shaving his head.

These examples serve to highlight the fact that the life of a martial artist is not as distinct from that of an ordinary person as one might assume

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