Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 471

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 471-Reminder Larissa found it extremely peculiar.

Emrys narrowed his eyes slightly and asked, “What exactly do you know?” Larissa glared at him. “Rys, how dare you speak to my teacher like that!” Even though you are the esteemed Empyrean Lord, Ms. Mapleton is still my respected mentor. Can’t you speak with a bit more respect?

Larissa stared intently at Emrys.

Emrys paid her no attention, his gaze fixed on Hazel.

In that moment, Hazel managed to hide the emotions that had unintentionally surfaced in her eyes. She casually explained, “I had heard that the scenery in Jazona was unparalleled, so I happened to visit there and heard about it.” “I see.” Larissa nodded thoughtfully.

However, Emrys was not so naive.

When he had first arrived at the Chalker residence in Jadeborough, he distinctly remembered Gerald confessing that the fire at the orphanage was instigated by a martial artist.

And the martial artist in question came from Jipsdale.

1/4 Considering all of Hazel’s actions, Emrys had no doubt that she must know something.

He continued to stare intently at Hazel. “You really just went to Jazona for fun? I think you had other motives, didn’t you?” “Rys!” Seeing Emrys becoming increasingly audacious, not only showing disrespect to her teacher but even subtly questioning her, Larissa was instantly angered. She stomped her foot and glared at him, her eyebrows furrowed in displeasure.

Emrys let out a bitter chuckle.

He found it difficult to explain things to Larissa. His only option was to direct his sharp spear at Hazel, hoping to find a breakthrough in her defenses.

A coldness suddenly flashed across Hazel’s face. She took a step closer to Emrys, refusing to show any signs of weakness, and said, “I know what you want to ask…” The two were in extremely close proximity. The familiar scent of Hazel reached Emrys’ nostrils.

However, he simply wanted answers about the massive fire that targeted the orphanage at that moment.

Hazel met Emrys’ gaze. She paused for a moment before responding with a cold laugh, “I don’t have the answer you’re looking for. However, I do have a piece of advice I can give you for free: leave Jipsdale and live a low-profile life.” 2/4 This was Hazel’s response.

“Low profile…” Emrys struggled to suppress the emotional turmoil in his heart.

He took a deep breath and said, “Ms. Mapleton, thank you for your reminder. I will certainly live a low-profile life.” Hazel’s expression shifted slightly, but she didn’t say much else and turned back to her desk.

The exchange between the two, as well as the sudden stalemate that had just occurred, instantly intrigued Vaughn, who was standing aside. He was certain that there must be a story between these two individuals.

However, the conversation did not continue, and it wasn’t appropriate for him to ask further.

Initially, Larissa thought that Emrys was incredibly impolite. However, she soon realized that it wasn’t just Emrys who was the issue; her own teacher was also acting quite strangely.

In Larissa’s memory, Hazel had always been a woman full of warmth. Never before had she spoken to anyone with such icy indifference as she did today.

Vaughn didn’t feel it was appropriate to ask, but Larissa had no such reservations. She immediately voiced the question that had been nagging at her, “Ms. Mapleton, Rys, did you two… know each other before?” What she had wanted to say was, “Did you two have a history together?” But as the words reached her lips, she changed it to, 3/4 “Did you two know each other before?” On one side was her revered mentor, and on the other, her cherished younger brother. Larissa was reluctant to see the two standing on opposing sides.

Larissa dared not, or more accurately, was unwilling to let her thoughts wander in that direction.

“No!” To Larissa’s surprise, both Hazel and Emrys responded in unison, giving the same answer.

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