Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 467

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 467-Bad Habit “Um…” Larissa glanced at Emrys playfully. However, her smile quickly disappeared when she heard his explanation.

As a result, a blush of embarrassment spread across her face and down to her neck.

D*mn you, Rys! What kind of perverted explanation is this?

Her face turned red, and onlookers, especially Vaughn and Darrell who had unintentionally witnessed their affectionate display, assumed that Emrys was the

cause of her flushed cheeks. They thought that their private relationship being exposed had made her feel embarrassed.

Vaughn shifted his gaze between the two. He let out a dry laugh and said, “You young people sure know how to have fun. Why didn’t I…” Darrell had a gloomy expression in his eyes.

He couldn’t believe that the girl he had been fantasizing about for so long had already lost her virginity.

Noticing the sudden change in the atmosphere, Vaughn, being experienced, tactfully changed the subject. “It’s unfortunate that Larissa came at an inconvenient time. Ms. Mapleton happened to be out on business today, but she should be back soon.” I see.

1/4 Emrys nodded. Since he had some spare time, he decided to explain the situation regarding Blanche.

Emrys had planned to ask Larissa to pass on Blanche’s request to her teacher, hoping for some special consideration. However, since Vaughn was present that day, he decided to speak up directly.

After all, Vaughn was the vice-chancellor, and getting someone admitted should be a minor matter.

Before Vaughn could speak, Darrell sneered, “No wonder you were flattering Vice-Chancellor Diaz so fervently just now. Turns out, you were hoping for him to do you a favor. What a schemer you are.” His only intention was to make Vaughn dislike Emrys. However, to his surprise, Emrys looked at him as if he were a fool.

Is this guy missing a screw in his head? The vice-chancellor hasn’t even spoken yet. Why is he so eager to butt in? Besides, it seems he’s completely oblivious to the fact that the vice–chancellor’s expression has soured considerably because of his choice of words.

This situation is similar to when a company’s top executive advises against indulging in flattery and sycophancy in his presence during a conversation with subordinates. While everyone else chooses to ignore it, you are the only one who takes it to heart. It’s understandable that you take it seriously. However, when you come across a colleague attempting to curry favor, you intervene and admonish, “Have you forgotten our leader’s words? Doesn’t he despise the dishonest practice of flattery above all?” If this isn’t sheer folly, then what is it?

2/4 Vaughn had a contorted expression on his face.

Unaware of the situation, Darrell was still pleased with himself for stepping on Emrys’ foot. Not satisfied with that, he continued to stir the pot and asked, “Mr.

Lund, are you close with the Langford family?” “We’re somewhat acquainted,” Emrys replied.

“Heh, I’m not so sure about that.” Darrell chuckled coldly. “If you were only somewhat acquainted with the Langford family, why would you be so concerned about the affairs of the Langford family’s daughter?” Interesting.

Emrys understood his intention. It was clearly an attempt to create discord between him and Larissa.

Darrell was close to telling Larissa, “Look at your boyfriend. He’s not honest at all. While he’s dating you, he’s also ambiguously involved with other women.

He’s quite the playboy.” Now that’s what you call cunning! This is what you call sowing discord! But his mind isn’t quite sharp.

Emrys wore a mischievous expression as he gently held Larissa’s slender waist.

With a sigh, he admitted, “You’re absolutely right, Darrell. I seem to have an insatiable desire for more, always wanting what I don’t have. But I can’t solely be held responsible for this. My wife, bless her heart, has such a forgiving nature. She’s the one who indulges me!” 3/4 Darrell looked perplexed.

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