Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 462

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 462-Performance However, as the head of a household, there were numerous considerations, among which, the collective interest of the family was of utmost importance.

Alpheus had remained silent until now, struggling to make a decision.

Moreover, judging by the attitudes of the people present, he knew they were pressuring him to submit. If this decision was not handled properly, his authority in the Langford family would likely plummet drastically in the future.

Alpheus slowly turned his head to look at Blanche, letting out a deep sigh.

“Blanche…” “I refuse!” Blanche’s face was as cold as ice. Seeing the expression on Alpheus’ face, she already knew his decision.

With a bitter smile, Alpheus said, “Blanche, try to understand my difficulties…” “I refuse!” “Blanche…” “I refuse!” Blanche was exceptionally resolute, putting Alpheus in a difficult spot.

1/5 Teagan said, “Alpheus, now that Dad is no longer with us, you are the head of the Langford family. If you want to manage the family well, you should no longer be as indecisive as you were before.” The impact of these words on Alpheus was undeniably significant.

He swept his gaze over the members of the Langford family and noticed they were all waiting for his decision. With a hardened heart, Alpheus declared, “Marry into the Langford family. You have no choice.” “Alpheus, have you lost your mind? Blanche is our daughter!” Alayna was unable to believe that Alpheus could actually have the heart to cast his own daughter aside.

With a firm resolve, Alpheus stated, “This is not my command, but the collective decision of the family. You, as a woman of the household, should not interfere blindly.” “Am I interfering blindly? Alpheus, I think you’ve truly lost your mind. I absolutely refuse to let Blanche marry into the Langford family!” “You have to agree, whether you like it or not!” “Alpheus, you heartless person…” The couple began to argue fiercely. On the contrary, Blanche was calm. Her expression was indifferent as if the matter at hand had nothing to do with her.

Performance Teagan and the others revealed comforting smiles.

They knew that once Alpheus spoke up, Blanche’s marriage to the Langford family would undoubtedly become a foregone conclusion.

Born into a wealthy family, one’s life is not one’s own.

Just as the quarrel between Alpheus and Alayna reached a fever pitch, someone clapped their hands.

“Splendid, truly splendid! Old Mr. Langford, you’ve been listening to this for quite some time now. Isn’t it about time you stand up and share your thoughts?” The one applauding was none other than Emrys.

He was seen with a hint of a smile playing at the corners of his mouth, appearing thoroughly engrossed and satisfied with the performance he was watching.

The atmosphere in the room was already extremely tense. Emrys’ applause and laughter projected a profound disrespect toward the members of the Langford family.

Before they could even manifest their anger, they were rendered speechless on the spot by Emrys’ words.

Old Mr. Langford?

He’s been listening to this?

In the very next moment, Samuel, who had previously been lying 2 Performance motionless on the bed, suddenly propped himself up with both hands and sat up, his expression incredibly gloomy.

Before this, he was merely pretending to be dead.

Emrys, for once, played a supporting role. The life energy he had infused into Samuel’s heart had merely temporarily halted Samuel’s heartbeat and respiration, creating a facade of death for all those present.

Although the heartbeat and respiration of Samuel had ceased, his sense of hearing remained.

This performance was very successful.

However, Samuel was extremely dissatisfied with the ending.

The reason he had faked his death was to test the reaction of the Langford family members after his fall.

To his surprise, they had created a disturbance, attributing their downfall to Emrys. Furthermore, they had suggested seeking assistance from their archenemy, the White Dragon King.

What saddened Samuel the most was their contemplation of sacrificing his cherished granddaughter. They repeatedly asserted that this was the optimal method to console him.

Samuel had silently cursed multiple times. He had desired to rise and rebuke these individuals, but he had been powerless. Emrys’ life force had continuously hindered him from taking action.

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