Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 453

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 453-A Taste Of Her Own Medicine “You… You’re defying me…” Startled, Luciana took a step back. Seeing Zoran’s henchmen closing in on her from all sides, she realized she was in trouble. She let out a scream. “What… What are you trying to do?” “What are we trying to do?” Zoran sneered, “Luciana, after all that I’ve done for you, you should at least acknowledge my hard work, even if you don’t appreciate the results. Instead, you continue to provoke me with your arrogant attitude!”

After he said that, a slap resoundingly landed on Luciana’s face.

A short while earlier, Luciana had been beaten up by Jovanni. The wound at the corner of her mouth had just started to scab over. However, the moment Zoran slapped her, it immediately began to bleed again.

“D–Don’t you dare mess with me…” Once again, Luciana felt a wave of terror. She stood up, intending to flee, but Zoran’s two underlings had already blocked the door.

“You want us to violate Sierra and record a video of it to post online, don’t you? I will fulfill all your demands right now.” With a sinister laugh, Zoran forcefully pulled Luciana towards him, tearing her clothes off her body.

1/4 Luciana screamed, attempting to resist, but she was pinned down on the table by several of Zoran’s underlings. She was completely immobilized, unable to move an inch. Even her mouth was gagged, leaving her with no choice but to shake her head desperately.

“My friends, look here. She was once a superstar who was immensely popular!” Zoran’s eyes burned intensely, and he couldn’t help but recall a scene from a not–so–distant past at a hotel in Jazona. It caused his expression to grow increasingly excited.

“Weren’t you fond of giving me orders before? Come on, tell me now, what should I do?” The events that transpired with Luciana were unknown to Emrys, nor was he concerned.

He had already followed Blanche to the Langford residence.

Sierra still had to shoot scenes in Jazona, so she wouldn’t be returning to Jipsdale anytime soon.

As for Larissa, she parted ways with Emrys after arriving in Jipsdale, stating that she intended to visit her master. She also mentioned that by the time she finished her visit, Emrys would likely have completed treatment for Blanche’s grandfather’s illness.

By then, she would introduce her master to Emrys.

Before Larissa became a martial artist, she had been accepted into a prestigious school in Jipsdale. Later, through a fortunate turn of events, she met her master, Hazel Mapleton.

Upon noticing Larissa’s exceptional talent in martial arts, Hazel strongly recommended that she further her training at Jipsdale Martial Arts Academy.

Larissa was undecided for a long time.

In the end, Hazel said, “You don’t need to drop out. Just treat martial arts training as an elective course in university. Practice when you have free time.” Only then did Larissa agree.

Even though she was training and studying at the same time, Larissa quickly became a rising star after she entered Jipsdale Martial Arts Academy. Her martial arts talent was unstoppable once unleashed.

After arriving in Jipsdale, she went to Jipsdale Martial Arts Academy to visit her master.

Emrys followed Blanche to the Langford residence. At that moment, the members of the Langford family were feeling extremely anxious.

Their patriarch, Samuel Langford, was already at death’s door, his life hanging by a thread. If he, a Venerable Being, were to pass away, the Manifestors left in the Langford family were simply not enough to hold the fort.

The struggle for survival among prominent families in Jipsdale 3/4 was arguably the most intense in all of Chanaca.

Even though the headquarters of the Martial Arts Alliance was located in Jipsdale, the martial artists there did not dare to be too presumptuous. However, such overt rules did not apply in the shadows.

The concept of capital accumulation refers to the ruthless exploitation and plundering of resources through any means. necessary, regardless of their unscrupulous nature. In such circumstances, the victor takes all.

Furthermore, the Martial Arts Alliance did not truly embody justice.

Wherever there is a group, there is inevitably a vested interest.

In reality, some of the prominent figures within the Martial Arts Alliance had connections to those influential families.

Therefore, if Samuel were to pass away, it would be unrealistic to expect the Langford family to rely on the rules of the Martial Arts Alliance for protection.

The Santana family was no exception. That is why they appeared so flustered after losing the protection of the White Dragon King.

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 453

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