Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 443

Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters chapter 443-Protective “How dare you! My grandfather is in good health. It seems to me you’re the one with one foot in the grave!” Blanche’s delicate eyebrows furrowed in anger as she retorted sharply.

Aren laughed coldly. “Ha! I can’t be bothered to waste my breath on a young girl like you. You’re not my target today. I advise you to mind your own business!” In the next moment, Aren’s piercing gaze shifted towards Emrys. “Brat, you do have some skill, managing to withstand half of my strength, but that’s all you’ve got. Come here and meet your end!”

Aren, one of the many mentees of the White Dragon King, bore the closest resemblance to the White Dragon King in character. He was extremely arrogant, to say the least.

Otherwise, it would have been impossible for him to directly strike at Emrys.

Furthermore, he had only used fifty percent of his strength. because he believed that having to use all his strength to kill an unknown friar was an insult to his peak abilities.

He thought using his full strength on a friar would be the greatest disgrace of his life.

The first mistake had already left an unpleasant feeling in Aren’s heart.

After all, he was a Manifestor grandmaster. Yet, he was unable to deal with a mere nobody in a single move.

1/4 Aren was extremely frustrated. What a failure! Such a tremendous failure!

Therefore, when he looked at Emrys again, Aren’s attitude was incredibly dominant. He opened his mouth to utter a cold command, “Come here and meet your death!” He was simply domineering to the extreme.

Subconsciously, Sierra took a step forward, using her delicate body to shield Emrys behind her.

She was neither a friar, nor a martial artist, nor a cultivator. She was just an ordinary girl, alone and vulnerable.

However, that was her protective attitude towards Emrys.

Whenever they encountered any danger, she would have Emrys hide behind her.

This kind of care had nothing to do with the strength or weakness of one’s power.

It was instinct and love.

Furthermore, it was a natural expression of inner emotions.

Her action was very subtle, but Emrys observed it all and etched it in his heart.

Sierra is so caring!

“Aren, if you dare harm a single hair on Mr. Lund’s head, the Langford family will undoubtedly pursue this matter to the end!” 2/4 Emrys was the Langford family’s lucky chance. Blanche was counting on him to treat her grandfather’s illness, so of course, she couldn’t just stand by and do nothing.

However, Aren didn’t even spare an extra glance at Blanche.

As he had mentioned before, that person from the Langford family was already one foot in the grave. The Langford family’s days were numbered, and Blanche’s words held no intimidation for Aren.

He couldn’t be bothered to waste words with Blanche, either.

He wanted to swiftly defeat Emrys and walk away.

Aren’s murderous intent was chilling, his internal energy radiating outward. His entire body was enveloped by an unrivaled, domineering aura. He was about to deliver a fatal blow to Emrys when suddenly, a crisp voice echoed from the side.

“Have the martial artists of Jazona become so arrogant?” Upon hearing the sound, several people turned to look. They saw a beautiful woman with an excellent figure and a hint of heroism in her brows, walking towards them.

Aren was taken aback. Another woman? Emrys is a nobody, but he’s so lucky with women! Moreover, this woman is exceptionally beautiful, with an appearance and demeanor that are in no way inferior to Sierra and Blanche!

Aren’s eyes bulged in shock, and he was driven to madness by jealousy.

Sierra’s eyes lit up when she saw the strikingly beautiful woman. She asked, “Larissa, what brings you here?” The person who arrived was none other than Larissa.

Larissa exclaimed, “Sierra, it’s been so long since we last saw each other. I heard you were back in Jazona for a film shoot, and luckily, I wasn’t too busy, so I decided to come and visit you. I didn’t expect to come across such a situation.” As she spoke, she turned her head and gave Emrys a stern look.

Emrys scratched his head, offering a sheepish smile as he said, “Larissa, a day without seeing you feels like an eternity!” A day apart? Larissa chuckled coldly, gritting her teeth. “Emrys, it seems like you’ve been having quite a comfortable time lately.” Emrys felt an inexplicable chill run down his spine.

Larissa didn’t bother to deal with him. She shifted her gaze towards Aren and asked, “Sierra, what’s the story with this guy?“

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